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  1. Sports Forum
    So far, from 110,000 responses, the consensus at ESPN is: Steelers - Packers 51% Jets - Packers 25% Steelers - Bears 15% Jets - Bears 10% I'm hoping for Jets - Bears as I'm a Jets guy and also think they'd have an easier time with the Stuffed Bears as opposed to the Fudge Packers. :lol...
  2. Sports Forum
    ESPN - Streak for the Cash - Matchups If anyone has not heard of this, its a game where you pick between 2 choices (ranges from what team will win, what player will have most points, etc...) and try to get a consecutive win streak going. As a bonus, if you can get 27 in a row, you win a...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    It deals mostly with cigarettes, but this article on has some cigar content and is a pretty good look at the historical relationship between smoking and major sports figures.
  4. Sports Forum
    Did anyone watch the ESPN Town Hall On Michael Vick? Here are a couple clips. Belichick vs. Vick. Vicks future.
  5. Sports Forum
    Just heard an ESPN report that the Saints have lost Deuce McAllister for the season with a torn ACL.
  6. Sports Forum
    So, my rant: all of the men's college baseball regionals are on ESPNU or CSTV, which I don't get at home, but I got it at school. All of the women's softball games are on ESPN, which of course, everyone gets. There's no following for softball, so this pisses me off. There is really good baseball...
  7. General Discussion joe rogan destroys boxing promoter lou dibella....
  8. Sports Forum
    Anyone remember when ESPN had a show/contest to pick the next anchor person and that Mike [somebody] won? If you do remember that, have you seen that Mike guy. He used to be on ESPN News once in a while, but I haven't seen that guy for quite some time now, although I'm not in college any more...
  9. Sports Forum
    Michael Irvin has lost his ESPN gig, barely two weeks after being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Dallas Cowboys' all-time leading receiver spent four years as an NFL studio analyst for the all-sports network. ESPN decided Friday "as part of an annual evaluation" not to exercise...
  10. Sports Forum
    ESPN can be so stupid sometimes. Has anyone noticed how often their talking heads say something like, "I really hope that the story is not about Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith being the first African American coaches in the Super Bowl..."? This cracks me up. If ESPN doesn't want it to be a story...
  11. Sports Forum
    "Louisiana State quarterback JaMarcus Russell will skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft in April. A news conference is scheduled Wednesday to announce the decision, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Sunday. Russell, a 6-foot-6, 260-pounder from Mobile, Ala., was the nation's No...
  12. General Discussion
    Any body that missed the OSU Michigan game can catch it right now on ESPN classic. Instant classic status.
  13. Sports Forum
    Anyone interested? We would need a minimum of 8 people. It would cost 19.95 per team per person. (Less if you have other Fantasy teams at ESPN) I was going to give it a shot again this year. If we can get 7 more, I'll open a CS Private League there. Let me know, they run a good league.
  14. General Discussion
    Any poker players? Never seen any get hit with the deck like Jamie Gold was... Anyways, his table talk is borderline collusion..he should have been penalized but wasn't
  15. Sports Forum
    Did anyone watch the game on ESPN full circle last night? - It was broadcast on ESPN2 as a promo. For those who dont know, this is a new method of broadcast from ESPN where they show multiple camera shots of a sporting event on one screen at once in different little boxes I thought that...
  16. Sports Forum
    FREE i've been meaning to make these for a few weeks, but while i was up in NY, i couldn't access the site. one is a "salary capped" league, the other will be a "weekly pick'em" league. all for fun, if you want to wager with someone on the side, go for it... i play for the spirit of...
  17. General Discussion
    Just saw this on CP and had to share! Nice pictures or the porristas (cheerleaders) Porristas 1 Main Page Then I found this one of a fan WOW!!
  18. General Discussion
    At 10:00 CST on ESPN there is a WPBA event taped September 8th. My cousin will either be playing in it or the guest commentator. Not sure which, but if you get a chance tune in. Her name is Sarah Rousey.
1-19 of 19 Results