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  1. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Padilla Habano Torpedo (6x52) Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan Price: $7.50 Ernesto Padilla has really come into his own since parting ways with Don Pepin Garcia. He now uses the Tabacalera Fernandez factory to produce his smokes in Esteli, Nicaragua. It seems...
  2. Cigar Questions
    Anyone know if they came up with a cigar yet?
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    You can read the article and listen to the radio piece below. An Industry Icon's Quest For The Signature Cigar : NPR
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    On a trip back to Miami I was at the Padilla Cigar Factory when in walked a crew from Cigar Jones in Minnetonka, MN. I pulled out the video camera ... Watch the video here: Cigar Live Video - Ernesto Padilla talks Cigars
  5. Padilla Cigars
    Can you give us any insight on the Achilles that CI is selling right now? Are they different than the first ones? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Padilla Cigars
    Ernesto introduces us to Peter Van Borst of Interagro Lusitanos bred in Brazil. These horses are simply beautiful and are really a joy to be exposed to. This stop ended our day as we finished filming and sat and enjoyed some cigars and wine afterwards. 76
  7. Padilla Cigars
    It was time for some great food and Versailles was the perfect place to grab a nice plate of Ropa Vieja "Old Clothes" and a great shake. Next stop would be to the ranch to see some fine Lusitano horses. 75
  8. Padilla Cigars
    Ernesto Padilla visits a family run cigar shop called El Titan de Bronze in little Havana. Carlos and Marta are a lovely couple and Ernesto takes a look at the latest blend called Redemption. 74
  9. Padilla Cigars
    After leaving the famous Domino Park Ernesto and I headed over to some of the cigar factories located on Calle Ocho. The first stop was the El Credito factory of Ernesto Perez Carillo which is famous for the wonderful La Gloria Cubana cigars made there. 73
  10. Padilla Cigars
    One of the coolest places I visited on Calle Ocho with Ernesto Padilla was the famous Domino Park. In this video Ernesto tells us a bit about the park and interviews some of the locals. 72
  11. Padilla Cigars
    One of the cool things about Calle Ocho is all the Cuban Coffee windows that serve to the locals. Ernesto Padilla tells us a bit about the typical Coffee Window and the food as well. After this we will head over to the famous domino park. 71
  12. Padilla Cigars
    In this Video 2 Ernesto introduces us to the famous Calle Ocho in the heart of the cuban community of Miami Florida. He explains the culture that lives and works in this part of Miami. 70
  13. Padilla Cigars
    I had the opportunity last week to spend a day with Ernesto Padilla. During my short time in Miami Ernesto made the day very eventfull. The day included a helicopter ride, tour of Calle Ocho, and wine at a fine horse ranch just to name a few of the days events. Here is a quick first look at...
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    I spoke to Ernesto yesterday on the phone. He has been very busy lately but wanted me to pass on this message to all CS members. His sole purpose for spliting with Pepin is to have total control over the quality of cigars he is putting out. This will ensure not only what we have come to expect...
  15. Cigar Bombs
    Well, looks like I am the victim of Hurricane Ernesto!!! Hurricane6 sends a padilla laced hurricane my way... After working with Rick to complete a box split he offered to send me some of the Padilla obsidians. Based on the fact that I "hadnt tried them yet!" Well, he snuck some other "crap"...
  16. Cigar Bombs
    DC#03070020000465923818 Headed for the East coast-landfall expected late Tues.:tu
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    my local B&M had it's grand opening Thurs. nite and i went straight from work . Weather was very ugly, but that didn't stop the hundreds that came. We had smoked salmon and lots of finger foods, fine wine and mixed drinks and of course Padilla cigars!!! Ernesto was a great guy, super friendly...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    I just posted a great interview with Ernesto Padilla of Padilla Cigars. He has an interesting story and I was pleased that he made himself accessible for my interview. Enjoy. Doc
  19. General Discussion
    Damn, now I gotta hire somebody to come pick it up. :w Actually, we were lucky in FLA, just a rainstorm.
  20. General Discussion
    Looks like the wind dropped to 45 mph as the "storm" hit Florida. Hope all of our fellow gorillas are making it ok.:)
1-20 of 24 Results