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  1. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I was preparing my cooler in anticipation of my Spanish cedar trays arriving on the next mail plane when I realized that I had only scented bleach. So I got to digging through my cleaning supplies, then had an idea... distilled vinegar. My mom used to use distilled vinegar to clean her floors...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    here is a question to see if this makes any sense to you guys.. instead of using an oust fan in the coolerdoor, what if you just put some 60% beads in two top corners on one side, 60% beads in two bottom corner on the other side, 70% beads in the other corners. wouldn't this keep the...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    I am constantly searching "New Posts". Once I do the search, I read the thread titles to see what threads I want to read. However, sometimes the forum that a thread is in can affect whether I want to read it or not. But the forum is way over on the right of each line so it's hard to look at that...
  4. General Discussion
    Every once in a while (like now), I get really, really, really, really, really tired of living on the road. It does have advantages so don't get me wrong. Good things: - get see to different cities - can't argue with spouse as not home to do so - restaurants Best thing: - get to meet CS...
  5. General Discussion
    New York City wants to make it easier for transgender New Yorkers to switch the sex listed on their birth certificate, an important issue for transgender people in an era when official identity documents have become more essential in everyday life. Under present city rules, only people who can...
  6. Sports Forum
    :D Ol number 4 is coming back for another season.:D . clicky (flame suit on)
1-6 of 6 Results