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  1. Pipe & Tobacco Bombs
    So Dan offered to send me a bit of Louisiana Red, a blend I've been eager to try. With my birthday only just creeping into view, I didn't expect anything more than a small baggie of L-Red. But as soon as I saw this, I knew I was in for it... Not only did I get the Louisiana Red, I also...
  2. General Discussion
    This forum is so freakin big and active, I can't stand it (in a good way)! One thing I'm not sure how to handle is the emphasis on post count for special access and ranking benefits. As a noob, questions come to my mind daily. As a good forum member, I SEARCH before asking. In the wealth of...
  3. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    So my lady doesn't really understand the obsession with cigars but thinks it's "cute" how into the hobby I am. Yesterday I received an early bday gift which I am currently in the process of seasoning, my new 500 count cigar humidor. A huge upgrade from my 100 count and few jar humidors.
  4. Cigar Bombs
    HOLY CRAP DID MY WISHES GET GRANTED TODAY !!! :banana::banana::banana: Thanks to amazing generosity of teedles915 (T.W.) I was able to have a wish list fulfilled...... And let me tell you when Hinson (Shannon) takes on your list you get it filled AND THEM SOME!!! Here is the annihilation...
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Matt! Thank you so much! I know you were aware that times have been seriously rough for me lately, and my favorite stress relievers had dropped down to single digits. I really appreciate your kindness and generosity. Here's the damage:
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    my dad does not have a guillotine but he wants to take a cigar with him to the casino. can i cut it for him and keep it in a ziploc till he smokes it?
  7. General Discussion
    But I may not be around this weekend. So Happy Father's day to everyone and that includes dads with furry kids! **If a thread like this was already created then I didn't see it. Sorry in advance if I did create a double thread.**
  8. Pipe Related Reviews
    So, I smoked my first (couple) bowls of EMP today. It is very good stuff. I smoked it out of my new Ser Jacopo and it was a great combo. I ended up loading up two bowls and smoking it for a bit over an hour. It is definitely a very mild English. I could barely make out the Latakia, it is...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    So every Friday I meet the guys at the lounge and Chris (Suzza) is one of them. We have been smoking together for probably the past 9 months and have enjoyed some great cigars together. Well, my birthday is a month away but when I got to the shop tonight, Chris hands me a bag with two Tatuaje...
  10. Habanos Discussion
    I was surprised to find a box of '99 Fundadores at the LCdH in PV (the only cigar that was pre-2008 they had), as well as a at least one box at the LCdH in Cabo (which was also one of the oldest boxes they had). I also seem to always find these late 90s years for sale privately, and have seen...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    She couldn't wait to give it to me (and she knew they needed to be cared for properly)--a beautiful painted metal tin with three Opus X PerfeXion X cigars from the local B&M. They're now out of the tin and in the coolidor. Better yet, she's okay if I smoke one before Father's Day. She said...
  12. Cigar Pictures
    i got these for my early vday! the one to the right is a cheapy everyday cigar, tried it out a few min ago, not unsmokble.
  13. Pipe Related Reviews
    Well, I finally decided to have EMP at the time suggested by the name! I won't be too verbose about this. It's clearly a classic and as such, many others have done the reviewing. So, open it up and smell.....Light smokey goodness. Fire it up....lights easily and stays lit. The sweet...
  14. General Pipe Forum
    And does it ever stink! Kind of like the yearling pen when you clean it in the spring. I'm not sure if this is the smell the old timers lamented was lacking in the Murrays version of the Dunhills. I don't remember where I got it but I had jarred 37g of it in Nov 2009. I've just opened it and...
  15. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Well constructed, creamy medium bodied, light pepper, cocoa and carmel, long twangy finish. Read the full review here: Vegas Cubanas Generosos Cigar Review - Great medium stick for early in the day.
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    So I was telling my wife today about CI's Christmas Workshop deal they have now where you pick a sampler, a cutter, a humidor, and a lighter for $50. I was telling her I was fighting with myself on whether to just order or not. I told her I would go with the DPG sampler, the 15 count Herfador...
  17. Cigar Bombs
    I posted an update on the "Still placing orders" thread on a shipment that eventually met an ill fate. I came home today to find a package from Jeff with a bunch of the sticks that I originally ordered, but never received. I am once again humbled by this BOTL's generosity. Many thanks to Jeff...
  18. General Discussion
    To all my Marine Corps family. Thank you for your unselfish service to our Country. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Semper Fi, Mr. Friday
  19. General Pipe Forum
    So I've been toying with the idea of trying a pipe, so since my birthday is coming up in a bit, I decided to check out this side of the slippery slope and ordered this little starter kit:Pipe Gift Set "Starter Set #2" . I'm not sure how much I'll go for the aromatic types of tobacco, since I'm...
  20. General Cigar Discussion
    Just lit a Kristoff sitting here wondering if its too early to uncork the Mewkow
1-20 of 165 Results