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  1. Cigar Bombs
    So I got the rest of my prizes from the troop rally yesterday. Some nice sticks and some cool swag! But then there's more! A hand gernade was tossed in by Smelvis! So now my man cave is in shambles and I must rebuild for next years troop rally! This year I sent 331 next year I'm shooting...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    So, My girlfriend and I were sitting at the dining room table after having a simple dinner. We had a long day of chores and errands and were just taking it easy and shooting the shit. It was about 8:30 or so and I think I was probably slouched down and scratching or picking something that I...
  3. Cars and Motorcycles
    Im looking into purchasing a used '09 or '10. I really like the way they look, and have a very nice interior. Im looking at one with the slide up NAV, sunroof, 18 wheels and the 3.6L V6 Direct Injection motor. I wanted to see if anyone on here has one or has had one and what are their...
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    I am gathering the smokes that will be enjoyed on the drive to Split Rock for Cigar Fest 2011 for me and my buddy. So far I have (2 of each): Padron 1964 Maduro Cohiba Black Ave Maria (for a lighter, 5 AM smoke) Graycliff Double Espresso Anything that I am missing...anyone recommend...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    I have $100 dollars extra this month (not a lot for some of you guys but my usual budget is $100 a month so the extra $100 is big for me.) For the life of me I can not figure out what I want to spend it on. I have three trains of though going through my head 1. Buy a bunch of cheap 2-3 dollar...
  6. Cigars for the Troops
    I want one more push to raise more cigars! I made a post in the main thread, but think this will help keep it organized. If anyone makes a NEW donation from now until the end of the drive, I'll give you the same number of entries you earn out of my stash to double your chances. I have no idea...
  7. Sports Forum
    This is Crazy! YouTube - New York Yankees v.s. Cleveland Indians A-Rod hits David Huff 5-29-10
  8. Cars and Motorcycles
    50 Chevy Business coupe & a 64 Impala SS
  9. General Discussion
    03 Impreza RS 240,000 Miles. 100 Mile a day commute. 85 on ice, in traffic weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. that would be the Valley to Anchorage drive 50 miles of rutted road with, pretty much, everyone in a hurry.....with Moose added to the fray.
  10. Cigar Bombs
    I fell victim to an Amish drive by bombing! Here I was, sitting here minding my own business doing some shopping for the Secret Santa when I hear a strange clip-clopping sound outside. I got up to look outside to see what is was and that’s when I saw a flaming cow pie on my front porch. I...
  11. General Pipe Forum
    Do the majority of pipe smokers smoke a pipe while driving (assuming you are all experts on the subject)? I would think it could be difficult at times, but what a great way to pass the time while driving, eh? Does it make your car smell any more/less than smoking cigars or cigarettes? I want...
  12. Entertainment
    I saw this movie this weekend and found it to be hilarious. I was the loudest person in the theater laughing and I really enjoyed it. The characters were totally in the spirit of films like American Pie and Superbad, but in no way this a rip off. Check it out, enjoy the laugh. :tu
  13. Everywhere Else
    I want to pool with guys to MD HERF on the 25 October. I'm in Flemington, NJ Anyone want to car pool down..on the way..somethin like that. Here's the HERF Thread TOM
  14. Cigar Bombs
    So, I was sitting in my basement, watching stupid court shows on TV enjoying a CAO Vision... Doorbell rings and my mom says "you expecting a package?" I say yep, as I was expecting my 601 sampler I won on Cbid.. well I finished my Vision and went outside to put my 601's into my coolerdor and...
  15. General Discussion
    I used to have a ScanDisk, but it got misplaced along with my stupid keys. Does anyone know of a good one that isn't like a thousand buck? I have to keep cost low because I have to get my wife a 2GB one too. I'll be getting a 4GB. Thanks!
  16. General Discussion
    I have a Maxtor external HD that has failed for no reason. I contacted Seagate and they want $1700 for the data recovery! Does anyone know of a reliable service at a better price? The data is mostly photos & music. Thanks, j.
  17. Want to Buy (WTB)
    This is an odd request, but if anybody has any of these samsung dvd-rom drives, and is willing to let it go PLEASE let me know i can pay with check/MO/PP, or if you want to trade cigars that is fine to Samsung SH-d162c Samsung SH-d162d Samsung SH-d163a Samsung SH-d163b
  18. Cigar Bombs
    So I've been gone for quite awhile. Man it sucks working out of town all of the damn time. However, I was in need of some 5 finger bags so I asked... and I recieved. DKT (Dun Killin' Time!) Hooked me up with about 40-50 bags plus threw in a 5'ver including 2 Pepin's, a 5 Vegas, a RP, and a...
  19. Cigar Bombs
    ;) J/K :r Lanthor offered to sponsor me in my quit smoking endeavor. Well it's been almost month since my last cigarette and I'm feeling pretty good about myself :tu. Mike decided to make me feel a little better! The damage: '50's White Owl Clear Havana '07 Monte #4 '99 SLR A Party ...
  20. General Discussion
    I will be flying into STL on Thurs the 31st of July. My friend from another board will be picking me up at the airport and then we will embark on a 3 hr drive back to Marshall,Mo. Reason for me going, it's a memorial Herf for a good friend who lost his son. He was killed by a drunk driver and...
1-20 of 74 Results