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  1. Sports Forum
    Heh guys...this is just for fun so no money involved. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE EACH WEEK 16 teams max the ID# is 842276 and the Password is vick123.
  2. Cigar Passes
    So, I'm thinking we need a cigar draft pass. First this is not a sign up. Just an idea thread. I won't run this until probably August. I'm thinking something like 8 people. then maybe do a contest for some noob side sticks draft (everyone send in an extra two-three of any value) Everyone...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    Thanks Deep!!!
  4. Cigar Contests
    Ok, all you crazy puffers, eventhough I am not the most prolific poster *cough* RAY *cough* I made it to a grand! So, in the great puff tradition I want to send some of you guys some FREE sticks!:banana: Now, as a few of you may know, I was a very lucky co-winner of the poker game in...
  5. Sports Forum
    So this time of year is slow for me I really don't like basketball or hockey and I am un-American because I despise baseball. So lets talk some Draft. I know still no cba but I don't see anyone in NFL risking the loss of fans due to this. So what player or team are you most interested in...
  6. Jokes Forum
    Did you hear the joke where the Broncos signed Tim Tebow?
  7. Sports Forum
    1. LincolnSmokes - Washington Capitals 2. JayPulay - Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Rupuzld - Chicago Blackhawks 4. RuralHipster - San Jose Sharks 5. SmoknTaz - Vancouver Canucks 6. Tarks - Detroit Red Wings 7. PitbullJimmy - New Jersey Devils 8. PointBreak - Ottawa Senators 9. PointBreak - Phoenix...
  8. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    WOW, this stuff is GREAT! Only bad part is that the stuff is so tasty, I could prolly drink the whole 6er...but at 200 caleries a pop, I better lay back. The Granny Smith version looks tasty too. Next on my list.:tu
  9. Sports Forum
    Ok, all of the teams are now signed up for the Fantasy Football league. Now we can set a draft date in place. Looking at a Saturday or Sunday night. Or select another date and we can discuss further.
  10. Cigar Passes
    No Risk No Pass Draft Pass Rules and Guidelines OK guys I'm stealing a very good idea I saw somewhere else. I've seen it twice now and its hella fun to me. I am limiting this to 1o participants There is a lot of text below but let me simplify for you: 1. 10 people sign up. 2. Each of those...
  11. Sports Forum
    How did your team's do?
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    There is a radio show out of Tampa, FL on Saturaday Afternoons that i enjoy listening to, when i get a chance. Anyway, on yesterday's show, Dave had callers choose their favorite cigars of the year, similar to the NFL Draft. Several intresting choices, and some cigars I'd never...
  13. Sports Forum
    What grade would you give your favorite NFL team? I am a Vikings fan and so I would have to go with a solid B. You have to start with the trade with Kansas City for Jared Allen. No worries of a hold out and you are pretty much guarenteed a pro bowler at DE next year (barring injury of...
  14. Sports Forum
    Anybody else enjoy this? I love it. I guess mainly because I'm such a huge college fan that is just rekindling his love of the NFL after a hiatus. I know its long, and Kiper's endless babbling can get old, but for some reason I love it. Got several smokes lined up for it. Smart on the Dolphins...
  15. Cigar Contests
    Alright... I've decided to host a contest here. It's my first one. Prize will be your choice of one of these 4 taster packs from CI: Contest is open to all US and Canadian Gorillas. Anyone can enter. Here's how we'll decide the winner. You...
  16. Want to Buy (WTB)
    OK, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not ready to give up on a successful Canadian Cigar Pass / Trade of some sort or another. Let's try this idea: I'd like to gauge the interest in a cigar draft. I was involved in one of these before on another board and it's a great bit of fun. Here's...
  17. General Discussion
    Hmmmm....I was going to put this in the jokes forum, but while probably fitting, wouldn't be good for the board.,13319,145637,00.html?
  18. Sports Forum
    So...:chk (flagrant dancing chicken abuse) I know many of you are in a league together and might not want to reveal any strategies, but I luv me some good football arguments and fantasy football drafts are usually good topics...who's up for a good discussion :bx (just to fuel the fire, Tom...
  19. General Discussion
    I have not been a fan of the NBA latly, mainly because of the problems off court that my local team, the Indiana Pacers, have been having. With all of the strip club gun fights they seem to have lost the ability to put on a decent game even with Larry Bird in the office. But last night I...
1-20 of 33 Results