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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Cuban Cigars - Cohiba, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, etc
  2. General Discussion
    So I am finishing up my man cave/smoking den. Dry wall is up and has been primed and the window casing and trim is on. Now for the important part, caulk or paint the walls first? So any experts or anyone with an opinion, I need to know whether or not to caulk the trim first or paint the walls...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    The Betrothed by Rudyard Kipling "You must choose between me and your cigar." --BREACH OF PROMISE CASE, CIRCA 1885. Open the old cigar-box, get me a Cuba stout, For things are running crossways, and Maggie and I are out. We quarrelled about Havanas--we fought o'er a good cheroot, And I knew...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    ...but I am headed down to Leesburg Cigar and Pipe to sit in the lounge and fill a pipe. Feel free to join in!
  5. Sports Forum
    name your bet, im your man. dont have a set amount of people i can bet, i'll match any terms and keep going until i cant afford to lose stearns
  6. General Discussion
    Thought I'd pass on some information about Vista for those that doubt its performance or its use compared to XP. Read it, don't read it, believe the hype or not, just trying to help. If anyone has questions about the data below, please ask me. T- 1) Fastest Selling Over 140M copies sold...
  7. Cigar Pictures
    Unless you shop at Serious Cigars I doubt you have seen these. Its the La Flor Dominicana Coronado Lancero 7 1/2 x 39. Ron (the owner) asked Litto Gomez to make the Coronado in the Lancero size and got his wish. Since he asked for it LG is letting him have sole selling rights to it for now, I'm...
  8. Habanos Discussion
    Why do I doubt my source? I've been using them for years and Highly esteemed members of this board have verified them for me as being legitimate. After all they are a legitimate dealer. I mean it's not like I haven't smoked hundreds of their cigars and not had a doubt in my mind. Weird I'm just...
1-8 of 8 Results