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  1. General Discussion
    The Gorilla I aspire to be like, the man who never met a Gorilla he didn't like, has hit the 3000 RG Milestone tonight! Congrats Tony....wish I would have had more time with you at MMH...but we will fix that next month! Be Excellent to Each Other!
  2. General Discussion
    Congrats on this milestone!!
  3. General Discussion
    It's a pleasure just knowin' ya fellow MoBster, Congrats Tony :tu
  4. General Discussion
    One of my favorite people in the Universe, Tony, surpassed the 2500 RG Milestone today...congrats Tony! 2500 is not really how many Gorillas Tony is excellent more like it. Tony, you are truly one of the nicest people I have ever know, not just in the Jungle but anywhere....I am...
  5. General Discussion
    Congrads on the 2300rg's:bl and all the wonderful stories you tell that hit home, your a great BOTL:tu Very nice meeting ya in Chicago.:ss Hope we get another chance to herf again.;)
  6. Cigar Bombs
    When I first got to the Jungle I did a NST Wild Monkey with DonWeb. Well I finally recieved my shipment from him. Well when I was told to mail out only 4 cigars thats what I did, expecting only about maybe 8 cigars back from him. But noooo.... Instead he decided that the only way to proberly do...
  7. Cigar Bombs
    Got my end of the Slap-a-newb from Davemo and Donweb. I definitely got me an edumication on how to smack someone around. Thanks much guys, I'm going to enjoy these muchly. The damage included: Sancho Panza Double Maduro Camacho SLR Maduro RP Vintage 92 Second (yummy, gotta love RPs)...
  8. General Discussion
    Tony does so much for the newbs of this place and many others who have been here a long time. He's a great BOTL and deserves the recognition he gets. Congrats Tony!
  9. General Discussion
    For my Brother from Another Mother Tony, a hearty congrats for a Milestone fit for a Great Gorilla...only problem is, tain't enough! Tony has done an excellent job with the NST, that alone is enough for massive props. He also is one of the funniest, nicest, most generous and most loved...
  10. General Discussion
    Congrats on the milestone, Brother. It's very well deserved!!! :tu :bl :ss
  11. General Discussion
    Our official mayor of Nsttown has broken 1200 RG. Tony,why its not 2400 i have no idea.Thanks for all you do in the jungle Sir! I cant wait to shake your hand in May :D
  12. Cigar Bombs
    Donweb joins Booker and the gang is some continued pummeling...and he doesn't mess around: An extreme herf-ador and 3 super tastey premiums! Can't thank you enuff Don!
  13. General Discussion
    Tony, the shover of the Newbies, the master wordsmith, and damned great guy and BOTL, busted into 4 digit RG today with 1K+! Tony, it was awesome herfing with you again. All you do for Newbs, FOGs and 'tweeners like me is well documented and much appreciated. I look forward to herfing with you...
  14. General Discussion
    Congrats Don. You're a great BOTL.
  15. General Discussion
    Wanna wish Tony a very Happy Birthday...Smoke good Bro..
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    - this contest will run for one week from the posting of "the list". - eligibility includes anyone that can post a picture. - the winner will be the person that posts a single picture that contains the largest quantity of the items on "the list" - no limits on entry posts... if you think your...
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    this is my 1000 post contest -- long overdue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ contest rules: with my next post here the contest begins. eligibility: same as a newbie in the NST thread winner: the 1st to answer the question: what is the significance of the photo? hints: posted once per day...
  18. General Discussion
    Congrats goes out to Tony. For all the work he does in the NST and the atom bombs he is well deserved! Tony, you are one hell-uv-a BOTL. Thanks for being part of clubstogie:w
  19. Cigar Bombs
    I always thought I had what it takes to be in the NST on the FOG side, but after being bitch slapped the hardest I have ever been I might have to retire. This damage is crazy. He sent me a new green Xikar, a new torch lighter(that I will admit that I didn't have one), and a sampler of Padron...
1-19 of 19 Results