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  1. Business Networking
    Hi Guys, I am an agency-trained marketing director who would like to move into the Cigar arena. I have over 14 years experience devloping and executing multi-channel marketing program for brands including NAPA, BellSouth, Papa John's and The Macallan, single malt scotch. My focus has ben...
  2. Arganese Cigars
    ARGANESE CIGARS ANNOUNCES ANGEL A. DIAZ AS DIRECTOR OF SALES AND MARKETING Westerly, RI - December 1, 2008: Arganese Cigars, makers of premium handmade cigars from the Dominican Republic, is proud to announce the appointment of Angel A. Diaz as the Director of Sales & Marketing. Angel, former...
  3. Entertainment
    The Warriors Ultimate Director's Cut (1979) Starring Michael Beck, James Remar Directed by Walter Hill In 1979 The Warriors opened in theatres amidst a wave of controversy over the "glorification" of gang violence in urban America, claiming that the film's gritty realism and senseless violence...
1-3 of 3 Results