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  1. Sports Forum
    i know ya'll saw the game last night and i know ya'll saw what we can do, but that was one of the best monday night games i have ever seen!!!!
  2. Sports Forum
    42 runs in the past 3 games? Utley is tied for first in HR's with Howard tied for 2nd. The team has combined for a league high 77 homers. Get that roster checked for roids!
  3. Sports Forum
    Un-freakin-believable!!!! Romo...WTF? Bills Defense....where they been all year? Only on MNF.
  4. Cigar Bombs
    What a whirlwind this week with all the Billy D prayer answering going on...I get home to a package with UPS fingers still attached. Apparently this baby blew just before it changed hands. Mr. GatorMoye leveled my front telling ya...those Gators are as unpredictable as Mr. Billy D...
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Just can't trust 'em. I just got the mailbox pieced back together and BOOM! A bomb from the Sunshine State. Thanks Bill! Retaliation was completely unnecessary. :redface:
  6. Sports Forum
    to the Lions?
  7. Sports Forum
    suck it!
  8. Sports Forum
    round 2.:gn :bx :SM I'll put up a 5ver of Nc..nothin special 5 Vegas Apocolypse 5 Vegas Atomic LVH Red Velvet Nestor Box pressed Maduro CAO Mx2 Beli First Ratbird fan that PM's me...It's on!!!! Ratbirds win Steelers win I get a equal 5ver from you and I do a happy dance!!!;)...
1-8 of 8 Results