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  1. Jokes Forum
    a guy walks in to a deliatessen, sits down and is handed a menu by a very attractive young waitress. The menu reads: Tuna sandwich...$3.50, Corned beef sandwich...$4.50, and handjob ...$5.00 He asked his waitress " are you the one that gives the handjob?" She smiled a big smile and said...
  2. Coffee Discussion
    Too cool. An honest old-timey family grocery, cafe-bar, bakery, coffee roasterie and delicatessen. Must be seen visited to be appreciated. I bought three new mokapots including two Bialetti 1-cuppers. Mazarros also has the largest piece of cheese ever exported to the US, their Tee-shirt claims...
  3. General Discussion
    Have any of you guys who live in the MI area ever heard of Goldbergs Deli. Could you give me your reviews. Thanks BenjieV
1-3 of 3 Results