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  1. General Discussion
    So this weekend I am flying up to Chicago and Saturday going to the Notre Dame Stanford game. Not a huge fighting irish fan but the trip is mostly gratis so I figured what the hell. Never been to Chicago or South Bend. Anything that I for sure should not pass up?
  2. Sports Forum
    Saw this one posted on another site. It is an instant classic: Here's to you Mr. Delusional-Irrational-Hopelessly Pathetic-Irish-Fan. Funny thing is, it pretty much will work for Yankee Fans too!!!
  3. Sports Forum I have to say he's making Willingham look like Holtz. MCS (About 12 miles from Notre Dame)
  4. Sports Forum
    Just good ol fashioned smash-mouth football. Reminds of my my younger days living in Upstate NY GO JOE PA!!!!!
  5. General Discussion
    I'm heading out. I'll be the big tall guy with a cigar! Word. MCS
  6. Sports Forum God, did I love reading this. It's still entertaining even after the 412th time reading through the article.
  7. Sports Forum
    Did anybody see that. WOW, unbelievable! I don't like ND, but that was one of the best comebacks ever!! I thought MSU pulled a "Ried" and slowed their offense down so much they lost all momentum and pi$$ed it away. Looks like NC State found a good young qb. They really needed that win...
  8. Sports Forum
    And I can't freaking wait! Two of the most winningest programs of all time, both programs travel great...I can't wait! Prediction: OSU 27 ND 23
1-9 of 9 Results