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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    As you may have noticed, Sam (Cypress) has not been on much lately. Sam has been assigned a rather large job that is taking much of his time and therefore he has rightfully been spending what little free time he has with his family. I am sad to say that Sam has made the decision to step down as...
  2. Thoughts and Prayers
    Hey guys I got word from Sam "Cypress" this morning that he was in an accident on his motorcycle this morning. So far I know he has 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung, but he is recovering and hopes to get out of hospital soon. Update: Last I heard from him he says he really needs a LFD smoke...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    So as some of you may know I was at the end of the "Victims of Shuckins Pass". Sam(Cypress) suggested that we meet somewhere and and skip the post office. So I show up with the cigars we're planning on swapping, and then there's and explosion!! He caught me off guard with some great smokes...
1-3 of 79 Results