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  1. CX2

    Non-Habanos Reviews
    And more. Something for every one. First, I must say that this stick, part of a Sampler is a bit bigger than the robustos I really like. Very nice brown wrapper that felt very smooth. My noobie palate aside, this stick had a decent prelight smell, sorta like tobacco with a barn like addition...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    Famous Smoke has a cigar called CAO Cx2 which contains 2 cameroon leaves. One for the binder and one for the wrapper. This sounds amazing! Has anyone tried one yet? According to Famous it is one of their exclusives so I'm a bit hesitant to buy a fiver.
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I used the search function and couldn't find any reviews on this board about this cigar. Does anyone have any experience with these? The regular CAO cammys are a staple of mine and are wondering how these compare.
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This one is great if you're looking for a mild to medium bodied cigar, smooth vanilla taste. Read the full review here: CAO Cx2 Toro Cigar Review - Great Cigar
  5. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    My first experience with this one. Been in my humidor for a couple of months. wrapper was veiny and rough and had draw issues through the whole cig... Read the full review here: CAO Cx2 Rob Cigar Review - Dissapointed
  6. General Cigar Discussion is having a sale on the CAO CX2 Beli's until midnight. Seems like a good deal to me. Cigar Monster - New Monster Cigar Deals Every Day!
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    The flavor was complex. I got cocoa and an earthy flavor at the beginning that moved to good spice at the end. The only downfall of this one is its... Read the full review here: CAO Cx2 Rob Cigar Review - Not bad but not good.
  8. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    at $100 a box for the robusto not much more than average at best and so far, halfway through the box, every other one has draw issues. Read the full review here: CAO Cx2 Rob Cigar Review - not much bang for a big buck !
  9. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I couldn't have asked for much more! In fact, I got away from cigar smoking for a year, and this brought me back. The flavor was on point, smooth... Read the full review here: CAO Cx2 Rob Cigar Review - How does this get so many bad reviews
  10. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Rec'd an email for Holt's (no affiliation) showing they are having a close-out sale on CX-2's. Quote from email - "Not only are we offering a huge 48% discount from MSRP, but we're also shipping them for free AND giving away six extra cigars!" They aren't my style but I thought I'd share...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi Guys, I have had a CAO CX2 belicoso, as a sample and it was a memorable smoke. I was not expecting much but came out on my top 3 cigars I ever had. I'm looking to buy a box and wanted to know what experience you guys had with the stick! :ss:ss:ss
  12. Non-Habanos Reviews
    So ive lit up another cigar today. It was a hard choice between the Brazilia or the CX2. I decided to go for the worse one(according to reviews. I havent tried the Brazilia yet). The cigar is pretty chunky and of a dark color. It has a double Cameroon wrapper which is really smooth and the...
  13. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Toro Size I did a search and didn't see where anyone had done a review on this, but i could just be missing it. Prelight was great and the cigar looked to have a good construction and lit rather nicely. The burn was really nice and slow. It was a relaxing smoke that took about 1.5 hours to...
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    I just finished my first CAO Mx2, and all I can say is it was a wonderful smoke. Full of flavor. Sweet to the taste and over all just a very good smoke. Let me know what your over all rating or love/hate for the cigar is. I just want to get your opinion of your experience is of the cigar...
  15. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Size: 7 x 56 Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Cameroon Filler: Nicaraguan, Columbian Body: Medium-Full Strength: Mild-Medium Humidor Time: 5 Months My experience with Cameroon wrappers is not enough to distinguish if I enjoy them or not. From what I can remember I have had a couple, but I do not...
  16. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Looking to pick one of these up. PM me if you have one with price and pictures.
  17. Meet the Manufacturer
    Just got done smoking my first Cx2. The flavor was incredible, but I had some issues with the wrapper splitting apart about half way through. It was stored at 65% RH for as long as I had it (about 3 weeks), and I figured that was enough to let it get used to my humi. The wrapper was perfect...
  18. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Never used, mint condition. Bought it 3 years ago(actually bought 2, one's at the office) and it's been sitting. Seal is perfect, actually makes a sucking noise when u open it. Great holiday gift, will include a hitchiker or two:w $175 includes shipping Ready to ship out asap. paypal(+3.5%)...
  19. Want to Buy (WTB)
    SOLD: CAO Cx2 Humidor Okay, so as most of you know, I recently upgraded my storage and need to get rid of some stuff. I have a CAO Cx2 Humidor that has been in use since I received it over a year ago. Mine did not come with the velvet bag they list on CBid. I am including a CigarSavor...
1-20 of 44 Results