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  1. Cars and Motorcycles
    [VIDEO] Auction Employee Gets Busted After Hooning Corvette ZR1 :car::car::car::car::car:
  2. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    It's one of the most decadent ways to enjoy this year's rugby world cup; mingling with players and lapping up the New Zealand sun from the deck... Read the full article here: Puff Lifestyle - Cruising Through The World Cup
  3. Cigar Contests
    Welcome to the Puff NASCAR Race for the Cup 2011 Contest! As the end of Summer nears it is once again time for our Cup Contest. For those that are unfamiliar with NASCAR'S championship format : After the Sept 10 race at Richmond, the top 12 points drivers will be in the Cup Chase. Points for...
  4. New York
    This used to be my local place until I moved 30 miles south, and I came to this forum looking for other places I may not know about and saw there was no listing here for these guys. Great group of people, very helpful, they pack a TON of cigars (good selection) into a humidor that's smaller...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    I've got a Padron 7000... I've only had 6 cigars, two of them being this Padron and its by far my favorite. I had some Steak Tips and some pork ribs before and i'm enjoying this cigar with a nice cold bottle of coke.
  6. Sports Forum
    I'm not going to say that I'm surprised by this past weekend's outcome ... but in spite of my logical grasp of the situation I do seem to find new depths of disappointment to sink to. Question: What else do we really expect with horribly deficient youth development (failure to quality for the...
  7. Guns and Knives
    How To Sharpen Your Knife With A Cup [VIDEO] I thought this was cool to know.
  8. General Pipe Forum
    Noticed just now, Cup O Joe's has Penzance in 2oz ounce tins in stock. One tin limit!!!
  9. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This is my sunday morning smoke W/ a cup of coffee. This is what a Maduro should taste like Read the full review here: Indian Super Fuerte Toro Maduro Cigar Review - great with a cup of coffee
  10. Cigar Contests
    I'm thinking of doing contest for the playoffs. If I can get 8 or 16 people then it will go. Rules would be simple everyone pitch in 5 smokes I put names of the BOTL in 1 hat and names of the 16 NHL teams in another and start picking. if your picked team wins the cup you get the stash...
  11. General Pipe Forum
    Anyone seen this listing under "gifts"? Gifts - Real Estate Buy a pipe, and a place to smoke it too. interesting.
  12. Cigar Contests
    New contest. I'm planning on keep track of the standings from all the Nascar races this year. Partly because it will keep my data joining skills sharp and partly because contests are fun. You don't have to do anything other than what you've already done. All I ask is that if you can verify...
  13. General Pipe Forum
    It's in ... one per
  14. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This cigar is very nice looking and has perfect const., a razor sharp burn. The flavor is where the wheels come off, a nasty, grassy taste that I w... Read the full review here: Man O War Virtue Robusto Cigar Review - Not my cup of tea
  15. Coffee Discussion
    I have purchased the my k cup thing about a year ago and like many was highly disappointed in it. You have to remove a part of the keurig maker, to put it in, and the water basically goes right through the thing. I discovered a new one today, that is getting awfull high...
  16. General Pipe Forum
    Ordered on Saturday and it was here today! Amazing fast shipping and I got a free sample with the order. Just wanted to share :car:
  17. Coffee Discussion
    I just bought a Breville One Cup System. Started to do the priming process but I had already put a K-cup in when I realized I wasn't supposed to. So, after the water heated up normally I took the K-Cup back out. All of teh sudden the LCD screen began blinking with every message lit up. I have...
  18. General Pipe Forum
    So I placed an order with cup joes tobacco for 1 pound of McB Vanilla cream $29.90 and I threw in a tin of Peterson 3P $9.95 shipping $8.95 So today my order arrived and with just the 3P 9.95 + 8.95 :cheeky: So I called them and asked WTH and they informed me that my McB is on backorder and...
  19. General Discussion
    Not only is the angle great but check out the dude in the right hand corner, he's saying, "you can do eeeeet!!"
  20. Sports Forum
    For some reason I could never get excited over the Ryder Cup. Its all BS and all that "team" crap is a complete farce. These guys could care less. On another note, I have become a big Dustin Johnson fan since his raping at the PGA due to that bogus rules infraction. Man did they ever screw...
1-20 of 107 Results