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  1. General Discussion
    It just seems fitting that this is where I entered CigarLive so this is where I shall exit. Recently,with all the bannings and scrambling of passwords,I have all but completely refrained from posting here for fear of not being able to speak my mind. This is not what CL was when I signed on and...
  2. General Discussion
    Seems like quite a few tearful goodbyes lately. I guess I've not been here long enough to understand, but I don't get it. I haven't noticed any intolerable changes. Heck, we're not even Puff yet. I was on a half dozen other forums before I happened in here; I like it here just fine. I'm in...
  3. Jokes Forum
  4. Cigar Bombs
    Bobaganoosh aka sister Christina aka Tha Rash lit me up with an all star line up of stellar smokes. In this he included the recently mentioned (by myself) Ashton ESG. This cigar looks incredible. Thanks a million to Christian. For your efforts some other Texan is about to get his doors blown off. :D
  5. Cigar Bombs
    So a standard cigar bomb box arrived at work today, with my name on it... Return addy was someone by the name of S. Neef from Leonard, Mi... As I grabbed it, it felt light, but thought maybe it was a single or maybe two smokes or something.. Open it up and lo and behold, its empty! Quite...
  6. General Discussion
    One of my classes has a lab component where we have to go outside. I'm about to head out for the lab and its 12 degrees out. The lab lasts 4 hours and we will be outside at least half. I'd say this alone is worth an A in the class. About to freeze my *ss off, Jeff
1-7 of 7 Results