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  1. Cigar Forums Banter
    No words necessary...
  2. Sports Forum
    They would be an Acid or Swisher Sweet or something else think it is going to be good but in the end you are so disappointed!:mad2:
  3. Sports Forum
    The Dallas Cowboys! Greatness... What else needs to be said?
  4. Cigar Contests
    Ugh, as a Bills fan I feel dirty doing this! :) One RP Vudu and a Cowboy-related thing to the person who correctly guesses the total amount of points scored by Dallas against the Eagles on Sunday. All guesses need to be in by 4PM EST. As always, the closest without going over wins. Tie-breaker...
  5. Sports Forum
    So I flew out to watch the Cowboys play the gints. What a game. I did have a blast even though the Cowboys lost and I got to meet John Madden and Chris Collinsworth! Check out the pics.. both were real nice and only seemed mildly agitated at me asking for a auto lol
  6. Sports Forum
    Did you guys see this BEAUTIFUL stadium Friday night? WOW, Jerry you have out done yourself, what a great looking stadium. Man, those HD TV's are freaking awesome!!!! The Cowboys are going to look great playing in their new home.
  7. Sports Forum
    About time if you ask me...
  8. Sports Forum
    While we agreed on 5 sticks, nowhere did we mention golf balls, golf shirt, candy lipstick and ****! I assure you, he did send me a **** DVD, there just isn't much on the cover that is safe for this site.
  9. Sports Forum
    I have 5er on the cowboys, Anton ...... just for your taking.... Do you want it???? Should be a good one!
  10. Sports Forum Interesting, maybe they are hoping this will open up T.O. more. Should be interesting to see how this works out. The Cowboys gave Detroit their 1st, 3rd and 6th round picks to Detroit. Is this something Millen would have approved of? :lol:
  11. Sports Forum
    How bout dem cowboys!!!
  12. Sports Forum
    i know ya'll saw the game last night and i know ya'll saw what we can do, but that was one of the best monday night games i have ever seen!!!!
  13. Sports Forum
    A thread so we can discuss the greatness that is the Dallas Cowboys.
  14. General Discussion
    This is some funny stuff. I was laughing so hard watching this...
  15. Jokes Forum
    For you football fans...
  16. Sports Forum
    Jessica Simpson Completes Elaborate Plan To Destroy Cowboys' Season from The Onion DALLAS-Speaking to reporters she had invited into her impenetrable subterranean Texas lair on Monday, Jessica Simpson gloated over the victory she recently achieved after nearly two years of using her personal...
  17. Sports Forum
    It's on! Watch out for the G-Men!! 7-0
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    Ok... I lied..... but how cool that I could post that.... :lol: I don't think he luv's them at ALL!!!!!!!!! :???: But he does luv ME, :D in a manly man sorta way only. :| We had a nice little wager.... :shock: to let me win back some smokes from the ones I lost to him on the...
  19. Sports Forum
    This is easily going to be the biggest game of the NFC season, NFL network that'll be irritating for many of you. Both of the teams are looking good this year. I'm hoping the Packers defense plays well again, and maybe they can pull off a win. With that said, even though I'm...
  20. Sports Forum
    Can't wait for this game to start! Hope Romo shows up to play.
1-20 of 40 Results