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  1. General Discussion
    BigV, here's to the weekend herf with some great guys:ss:ss
  2. General Discussion
    Congrads Jason aka KYA LTR on the 500rg:tu & Thx U4All the work your putting into our next herf, hats off2u my friend. PS: Im not calling him a punk (young yes:D) Us so called OldTimers will show you young guys how to get down with the get down cause we can still do this:chk:chk:chk [email protected]:ss:pp
  3. General Discussion
    Anita thxs4all u do around here and putting up with us asking for all those addys for our bombs, or so we can stalk some of the senior gorillas around here:D More to come im sure.:tu:tu
  4. General Discussion
    Alex on the RG, Much deserved:tu Even tho your apart of that Fl crew I still like ya:tg (a lil bit) Now lets see the beautiful smile:D:D:D LEO's4Life:gn:gn:SM:SM
  5. General Discussion
    WTG Jason, great herfing with ya. Only been here scense Oct and already your over the 200rg mark. Keep up the good work. Until we herf again and keep those Florida guys on there knees.:tu
  6. General Discussion
    Ive heard of doubling your RG to your post count but this in impressive:hn (2me) Bill (madurofan) has 430post and a impressive 2631RG.. Thxs for that hook up last year (me&mo) Congrads bro on the RG and respect u have here.:tu:tu:tu
  7. General Discussion
    Very nice herfing with you.:ss Maybe next time we will have more time to kick-it instead of me eating all that great food.:tu
  8. General Discussion
    Congrads Bro on the 1000RG mark:tu Thxs4the nice trades&being apart of the truse pass;) Now have yourself a dance:chk :r:r:r
  9. General Discussion
    Greg your a great BOTL and even better MOD, where glad to have you here teaching us here on CS. Thxs again for the new experience and pushing me further down the slope:tu Congrads on the 3300 RG's:bl:bl:pp:pp
  10. General Discussion
    cabinetsticker (Eric) Congrads on the RG Bro. :bl Here's to the Port:al
  11. General Discussion
    :bl :tu C U N Chi-Town 4some:ss&:almaybe some:pp PS: Thxs 4pushing me over as well..
  12. General Discussion
    Congrads on the RG Taltos, thxs for the job u guys did way back when. &2 those that's doing ot now. Maybe ill take u up on that culture trip to the 'D' LOL (that would b funny) Enjoy life my friend.
1-12 of 12 Results