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  1. Cigar Contests
    OK lets make this simple!!!!! A few rules............ 1. If you want to make a wager then post the team you want to wager with and ask... Does anyone want to wager. 2. If you want that wager then post with quotes "your on". Then those two Puffers are now in agreement of...
  2. Sports Forum
    From Top to Bottom which is the TOUGHEST conference. Big 12 or SEC. You have the option to choose other. Please share your thoughts:)
  3. General Discussion
    Just a thread to discuss what my fellow gamers felt about E3. Microsoft is up now!
  4. Sports Forum
    I miss college football. A lot. Here is an article that looks at the toughest and weakest non conference schedules: There is a lot of Big 12 and Big 10 teams playing some real cupcakes. How does Penn State have the 25th toughest...
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Went out in the US Mail today, just about 15 minutes ago.Wonder which team I picked on...Could it be a Western Division rival, or an Eastern Division foe? You'll all know soon enough... Somone's got a Bama Bomb heading their way, so if you're an SEC fan, open the mail carefully in the next...
  6. Sports Forum
    Man, this is insane! Let's look at the recent moves: C-Webb back to Warriors Gasol to Lakers Shaq to Suns Now Kidd to Mavs?!?!?! The West is crazy. My Warriors are 11 games above .500 and are barely hanging on to the 8th seed. After the All-Star break this is going to be intense.
  7. General Discussion
    I know everybody loves this topic.....:) My law school is having a National Conference, so everybody sign up, come learn!:tu Albany Law Hosts Free Conference on Second Amendment Two-Day Gun Conference Draws Lawyers, Former Detroit Mayor and NRA Director Paul Finkelman, President William...
  8. Sports Forum
    by Tony Barnhart.. 1. SEC: Two teams in the top three (LSU, Florida) in the coaches poll. Five teams in the Top 15 and six in the top 20. Four coaches (Steve Spurrier, Phillip Fulmer, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer) who have won national championships, more than any other conference. The defending...
  9. Entertainment
    Anybody else watching it? I was not very impressed with Microsoft yesterday. Before I say why I'd like to state that I do own both a 360 and PS3 so I'm not a fanboy spewing crap about a company because I have a competitors product. Having said that, I didn't like how peter moore showed...
  10. General Discussion
    I just report 'em... I can't explain 'em...
  11. General Discussion
    So it just so happens that the RTDA Trade show is here in Houston,Texas this year. I am not a retailer so I am not sure of all the rules. Anyone got any info on this? Would it be something I should try to go to if allowed?
  12. General Discussion
    THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release February 14, 2007 PRESS CONFERENCE BY THE PRESIDENT East Room 11:01 A.M. EST THE PRESIDENT: Thanks for...
  13. Sports Forum
    What do you folks think? Who is the best Conference in College Basketball this year? CBF:w
  14. Sports Forum
    Just took a look at the NHL standings. Looks like the West has most of the better teams this year. Of course the East has a few, but the West looks stacked. Since when is Minnesota in the West?!? Basketball and Hockey...West. Oh well, things change with time!
  15. Sports Forum
    Well, on last nights Miami vs. FSU game they flashed Miami's schedule...I looked at it in disbelief, how can anyone be surprised when a team with this kind of schedule goes undefeated? Of course they would playing Houstin and Florida International...even Duke. 09/04 #11 Florida St L 13-10...
1-15 of 15 Results