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  1. Music
    With the price of live concert tickets going through the roof, I need to be a bit more careful when choosing what shows to go to. I am going to see John Mellencamp next month and Rush in April. What concerts are in your plans? :dude:
  2. Music
    I do enjoy Metallica which is why he listens to them But Im thinking that he might be too young.. Thoughts?
  3. Music
    I love going to shows and concerts and what not. my favorites of the concerts are Elton John and Billy Joel Simon and Garfunkel Johnny Mathis Andy Williams Journey Peter, Paul and Mary Glen Campbell Don McClean those were some very memorable evenings.:rockon: what are some of your favorites?
  4. Entertainment here is from our last concert in sept of 2008. I just got it so it will post. Let me know what you think. Its my wife on guitar and vocals Me on Bass guitar and sound. My mother in law on vocals and a friend on...
  5. Florida
    Any other parrot heads on here that are going? This will be my second time to see him. I will be cruising around the parking lot before hand looking to see if any other BOTL will be there.
  6. General Discussion
    Praise and Worship Concert Saturday November 8, 5:30 om Epworth UMC 2404 Lincolnway West South Bend, IN We will be having a free praise concert featuring local praise band Ps150 with an appearance by guitarist Kelly Clear. Come listen to great praise tunes like "Open the Eyes of My Heart...
  7. Entertainment
    I had a rather shitty day today, and not CS related at all. I did however get tickets for Santana on Sat at Shoreline. I'm looking forward to that. Has anyone seen him live?
  8. Entertainment
    I'm sure there are some BAD RELIGION fans out there; just throwing this out to those who may be interested :tu: Bad Religion show Saturday at etnies Skatepark: 20028 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest As part of a free weekend-long skate demo, the SoCal punks'll be playing a gratis show to anyone who...
  9. Everywhere Else
    Anyone else going to the Counting Crows/Maroon 5/Sara Bareilles this Saturday evening @ Nissan Pavillion? I'll be in the preferred parking lot around 5:30 with my brother. He's not a cigar guy but I will most likely be out there having a few brews and stogies. He drives a silver Acura TL, so...
  10. Texas
    Tobacco Lane on the Square - Ft. Worth - June 25 Join Kinky Friedman Cigar Company for a Cigar Tasting at Tobacco Lane on the Square on Wednesday, June 25th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30. This event will preview the new "Kinksters" from KFC and also feature box specials on Kinky Friedman Premium Cigar...
  11. Entertainment
    Hey there my fellow friends and fam of CS :ss So the wife and I are going to Vegas in May to catch the Dropkick Murphy's show at the Hard Rock. Only been a fan for a year or so, love the music though. Really gets me pumped. Since I'm a recent fan never been to one of their shows before...
  12. General Discussion
    I bought tickets today to Counting Crows in concert. I have always wanted to see them live and always miss out. They will be playing in Lawrence, KS in a small theatre in a few weeks and it should be a great concert. I cant wait!
  13. Entertainment
    The Dave Matthews Band is gonna play with The Black Crowes opening on Saturday, 7-June and I purchased 4 tickets today!!! I'm so happy I had to post!:D :chk:chk:chk:chk:chk:chk:chk:chk:chk:chk
  14. Entertainment
    Hi Folks! Sorry I don't post on here often, but im slowly working my way back up to becoming a respectable gorilla. Last night my date and went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (they were big in the 90's) at the Bass Hall in Ft. Worth. I don't go to many concerts, but this one blew me away! At...
  15. Entertainment
    Here it is boys and girls, the Led Zeppelin Reunion video of Black Dog, it is only 45 seconds long but damn Jimmy still has it. It's inevitable that Plant's voice can only fade from its original exuberance but he sounds good:
  16. Entertainment
    If anyone can tell me how I might record the streaming audio, I'd like to have a copy of this concert: Who Concert 1973 MCS
  17. General Discussion
    If there are any Dave fans out there - there's a live concert being broadcast tonight at 6:45PM EST (in about 10 mins). I completely forgot to tune in last night so I don't know how well the servers will handle the load of the broadcast. If you're interested, head on over to...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm going to the Jimmy Buffett concert this Sunday. Looking for cigar that just screams Margaritaville!!!
  19. General Discussion
    So, they're going to have a convert here for Virginia Tech supposedly to help "heal" after the killings last spring semester. Anybody who is faculty, staff or students at VT (even if not here when the shootings happened) can get a free ticket. Course, they assign them randomly so I can't sit...
  20. General Discussion
    I was a big Whiskeytown fan,but just never paid much attention to Ryan Adams solo career.Just goes to show what a doofus I can be.I listened to the stream of this in the office the other day,and all I can say is wow.Its so good.To paraphrase the guys in Beerfest-"Its so good,I want to put my...
1-20 of 25 Results