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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Hello all! I've been experimenting recently with different cigar and drink combinations and wanted to know, generally speaking, what your favorite combination is? Now before you jump down my throat, I know it may depend on the cigar, the wrapper, the mood you're in, and what's available, but...
  2. General Pipe Forum
    After thinking about the myriad of different pipes and tobaccos mentioned on this forum, I have a little question for you all to ponder over. If you could only choose one, what would your favourite pipe and tobacco combination be ?
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    Which beer brand (w/ cigar) do you recommend ? Cigar brand / Beer brand would be beneficial ! Thanks !
  4. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Hello again everybody.... I have been working on a design for a chess board/humidor combination. After visiting several Cigar Shoppes, I see that a chess board is always around...... So, I thought.... why not combine one in to a humidor. The picture is a computerized draft that I put drew up...
  5. Guns and Knives
    Just an FYI to all other gun owners / enthusiasts who also smoke cigars. A forum I've been posting on since back in 2002 created a new "Humidor" forum for gunners to get together and talk cigars. Now granted, some of these guys smoke Backwoods and Swishers, but I'm putting this up in hopes...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    Sitting here smoking a RP Fusion and a cup of hot Chocolate. Very nice combination. IF you never tried a cigar and hot chocolate give it a try. You might like it. :tu Oh coffee and Baileys is great to. :ss
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    totally unexpected! Took my 3 yr old daughter outside to play in the little bit of frozen precip we got here today and promised her hot chocolate when we came in. Made some homemade hot chocolate and added some malted milk powder (plus some spiced rum and a splash of amaretto to mine). went...
  8. General Discussion
    It's a sick, sick world we live in....
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    If you've never tried drinking a good cup of hot chocolate with a maduro cigar, I suggest you do. They really compliment each other. Those little packets are fine, but pick up a container of pure Nestle cocoa, the kind you use in baking, and mix in a couple of spoonfulls of the stuff with sugar...
  10. General Discussion
    Here is the beginning of tonights activities. Wife is out of town so I have to entertain myself. The cigar is hungsolo's last blind review one. Don't know what it is, but its tasty. A bit mild though. Next I'm moving on to something more full-bodied.
1-10 of 10 Results