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  1. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone!!! Can wait to meet fellow smokers, learn and experience more about the cigar world. I've been smoking cigar for a few years, but it was until last year I started to really learn and collect fine cigars. Hopefully I can learn from you vet's out there.
  2. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    ive been looking into smoking cigars as a hobby for a while now, about a year. Im finally heading out to the oil rigs up north and im going to be gone 21 days straight and back 7 for my job. id like to try and build a small collection of cigars i can smoke over the 21 days im gone so i can come...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    So I was just looking through my humidor and have really kind of impressed myself with my small collection. I am so lucky to have a humidor filled with all of my favorites and two other humidors with my hand-out/fiances sticks. I have been on this kick lately to find aged sticks and I have...
  4. General Discussion
    So, I've been debating getting rid of a small collection I have since I've decided to start a new one with cigars, and I've kinda quit actually collecting them anyway. I have a small matchbox/large car collection that I've had for 10 years or so. Nothing really special to it, they are pretty...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    First off, greetings everyone...found the site a little while ago after spending all day research cigars online and looking for recommendations and sampler packs I'm interested in trying, still have a long way to go. But, I figure actually sitting down and talking with people about it, rather...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    Heres a few pic from one of my humis, have another smaller one for my everyday smokes but just havent taken pics yet. Its not much but I like it! (pics arent the best since they were taken with my phone, sorry)
  7. Cigar Pictures
    As I've said before, I have been smoking cigars for off and on for the last 2 years. That only consisted of going to the cigar shop and buying a single when I wanted to smoke one that night. I would smoke a cigar once every other week - if that. However, I fell in love with the hobby back in...
  8. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    After the popularity of the 'Show us your humidor/coolerdor/wineador/tobacco cellar' thread, I thought it might be a good idea for all of us to post pictures of our wine/liquor cellars, where and how we store/display them bottles! Will post pics as soon as I have some!
  9. Cigar Pictures
    Basically, less than a month ago i joined up here on puff simply to ask a simple question "What is a good starting humidor/cigar combo?" Well i ended up purchasing one off of CI and then a couple samplers.. In less than a month i have ended up with this, of course many of them have been smoked...
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    ok guys.. i am a COMPLETE noob.. :> here is my collection so far... 1) partagas black label 1) romeo y julieta habana reserve 2) rocky patel vintage 1992 1) alec bradley classic blend 1) fuente gran reserva 1) saint luis rey reserva especial 1) KFC (had 2, smoked one, wasnt really my taste...
  11. Cigar Pictures
    Got bored again today.. So, I pulled out the boxes of bands that I have collected and took this clock the misses got for me for my birthday. Took some bands, with some archival glue stick and a little organization and I came up with this: There is an arts and crafts festival every...
  12. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I kept expecting more but it never happened. I gave an 8.6 to the double robusto which I have to admit was much more wishful thinking rather than a... Read the full review here: Padilla Dominus Robusto Cigar Review - Banned from my collection
  13. Cigar Pictures
    I always hear about opus x, now dont get me wrong i like those cigars but zino's are good also. So if anyone of you have a collection on zinos such as platinum or the aniv. An so on. If so lets see some pictures.
  14. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Hi Everyone! I just thought I'd post some updated pictures of my humidors & goodies. I just got the larger non-glassed dome last week and finished seasoning it this morning. Now that I'm keeping each humidor a little less than 3/4 or 1/2 full I think they might all be able to rest a little...
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    Finally got my humidor up and running and packed the smokes in. Tried to post pics but don't have the post count yet. 2 - Man O’ War Virtue Robusto 2 - 5 Vegas Gold Toro 2 - Gurkha Symphony Robusto #4 2 - Cusano 18 Robusto Natural 2 - Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro 3 - Padilla Dominus Toro 3 -...
  16. Cigar Pictures
    Here is a pic of my current collection, i have just placed another order so i hope to be adding to it soon.
  17. General Pipe Forum
    Okay, Its not a pipe. May 14th at 6:17 am we started our new collection Baby boy #1 came and I just wanted to share the news with what I feel are my new friends. This came as a big suprise because he was due on May 26 but mommy was induced due to some complications. He has no name yet but is...
  18. Cigar Pictures
    Went to the local b&m today and have now started to build a collection of cigars. what you think?
  19. Splits & Group Buys
    A personal friend has stopped smoking cigars to due a health scare so I picked up his entire collection last night. There's about 80 sticks altogether, some really good stuff too. Prices do not include shipping. I'll be using USPS priority flat-rate boxes with DCs, so it will be $5 (for the...
1-19 of 211 Results