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  1. General Pipe Forum
    More specifically, escudo. I got a tin of this, and I assume I shred the disk up and pack it up like loose tobacco?
  2. General Pipe Forum
    So I went in to my local B&M to for my next big find and picked up Escudo. I've heard nothing but raves about it and see everyone here that talks of it speak in good terms. I saw a tin and since nothing else screamed buy me, a rare thing for me, I picked it up. Pop the tin and smell. It was...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    just curious. usually i just fold it like i would a regular flake but then it just take on a ball-like shape.... correct? Should it be tight, loose? Blah Blah
  4. Cigar Pictures
    Zack took this over awhile back and made sure the coins got done right! They look great Zack, and just want to say thanks again for taking care of this! Hey guys if you like what you see I think he still has some left, shot him a PM.
  5. General Discussion
    anyone here collect challenge coins?
  6. General Discussion
    I have some silver morgans and silver peace dollars that I've had for about 5 years that I'm trying to get a value on. If you have experience with these coins maybe you could help me out. The Peace dollars are from 1922-1925. The Morgans are from 1879-1904. Thanks.
1-6 of 6 Results