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  1. Coffee Discussion
    Ran out of bottled spring water. In desperation i grabbed two bottles of seltzer one cold one room temperature. I brewed the same way i always do the coffee is fantastic. Who would have thought i guess necessity really is the mother of invention! :rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:
  2. Coffee Discussion
    I saw a movie called The Good Heart staring Brian Cox. He plays a pub owner in it. There was actually a scene of him roasting green coffee in a cast iron pan in it. There was a story to it too. He gets his coffee from a friend in the Caribbean. I do not think I have ever seen a scene of...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    This is from the Cartoon Network show Metalocalypse. You got to love a show where the pilot episode revolves around Metal Band doing a Commercial for a Coffee Company:
  4. Coffee Discussion
    I cashed in my piggy bank for an Amazon GIft Card and applied it towards a new Espresso Machine and Grinder. I went with a Gaggia Coffee, Gaggia MDF Grinder and the base. It is basically this set up, but the sides of the machine are White: The White model was $70 cheaper and will probably...
  5. Coffee Discussion
    I recieved this for my wedding registry. How is it? How did I do?
1-5 of 5 Results