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  1. Sports Forum
    JJirons, you slay me. My USB driver is acting up, so sorry, no photos right now, but on a wager over the AL-Clemson game a week back, he pays off with a nice selection of my favorite Pepins, an Olivia Angel and a tasty-smelling San Cristobal. Props to my Carolina friend Jamie over a very...
  2. Sports Forum
    And, you know who you are. Congratulations. Glad you could be on the right end of a classic meltdown... The wandering, mournful spirit of Jad Dean can now be laid to rest.
  3. General Discussion
    Your thoughts and prayers to the families touched by this tragedy certainly couldn't hurt. from 7 students dead in N.C. beach house fire 6 from USC, 1 believed from Clemson By From staff and wire reports AP Brian Brough Various fire departments regroup at the scene of a...
  4. Sports Forum
    I sure hope they play well today! Who should win between Wake and BC?
  5. Sports Forum
    Anyone see that game. WOW! Clemson kicked some serious butt. Almost a shutout. Sorry GA guys. What do you think. Can clemson go undefeated for the rest of the season? They should'nt have lost to BC you know... They still have some tough games especially Va. Tech at VA. after in just 5 days...
  6. Sports Forum
    What do you think about this game?
1-6 of 6 Results