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  1. Cigar Bombs
    I win Jack's recent contest, winning 2 lbs of homeroasted coffee and an aged stick..He sends me two huuuge lbs of wonderful 75% Cubano coffee (smells delicious..about to brew a pot in a few minutes!) and THREE awesome sticks (two wonderfully aged sticks and one newer release I've never tried...
  2. Habanos Reviews
    ERDM Lonsdale - Late 80's courtesy of CigarTexan Usually I make notes them embellish them into a review. For this cigar something different. Notes: Looks old. Sweetening and deepening at the ½ inch point. Very nice. Unusual rich deep flavor. Tongue twang Strong and rich Upper palette...
  3. General Discussion
    You don't need that cabinet, bro. Send it to me!! :r :w
  4. General Cigar Discussion looking at buying a new TV too? LMAO!!!!! (ps: clean out your mailbox you poofter!)
  5. Habanos Discussion
    OK all you in the jungle! It's coming up on my 400th post. this post will make 399. I'm feeling itchy so here's a little contest to celebrate. The first registered member here to answer all questions correctly by 10pm central, gets a nice pack of Havanas. Guess as many time as you like. 1...
  6. General Discussion
    'Sweatiest' U.S. City CHICAGO (Reuters) - Every year there's a new one: Most livable U.S. city, friendliest city, town with the best manners. Now comes the first annual sweatiest city award. Top honors go to San Antonio, Texas. On a typical summer day, San Antonio residents lose more than 1...
  7. Habanos Discussion
    I just happen to be in good 'ol Texas too. I live in Tyler. I was wondering how far you might be from me. If possible maybe we could get together and smoke of the leaf. Just an idea. I start a new job on the 3rd, and my only day off is going to be Sunday for about the first 6 weeks I am...
1-7 of 7 Results