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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    I got a bottle of tawny port and a schload of clothes. How about you?
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    My wife got me a bottle of Sandeman Tawny Port for Christmas. She heard me talking about everyone's suggestions on my thread, "Entry-Level Libation for a Liquor Sissy." Bam...stocking stuffer! Ya gotta love a wife who pays attention to the things you like! :thumb:
  3. General Pipe Forum
    Its a little early, but who cares :mrgreen: Now that its that time of year (almost) when family and friends come together to embrace and celebrate in each other's company...and more importantly eat and drink WAY too much :beerchug:. This is my favorite time of year and naturally, smoke much...
  4. Southern
    Season's Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf! I think I say this every year but I can't believe Thanksgiving's passed and we're knee-deep into preparation for our Christmas Herf. On Saturday, 12/17 starting at 6:00 PM we'll gather at Bailey's to wish everyone a very smokey Christmas...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    A good friend of mine asked me what I liked for alcohol...not beer, but the good stuff. I asked him "why" and his response was that Christmas is coming and Santa wanted to know. Hmmmmm got me thinking... How about we all put our Christmas Wishes on this thread...cigars and booze (since that...
  6. Habanos Discussion
    Well i hadnt decided if i was gonna post up or not, but it looks like ill have the 3rd thread about getting my first order in today. So today i was going to the PO to see if i had a package of any kind and i saw the little yellow slip, which got me excited but i was thinking it was a little to...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Christmas is just around the corner, and for those who have signed up the Secret Santa 2011 thread, Santa knows it can be tought to pick out a gift for someone you may not know much about. So to help you out a little Santa has decided to start a Christmas wish thread. Please understand that...
  8. Pipe Related Reviews
    Though I've collected tins of CC going back to 2004, I had yet to smoke any of them as I've put all of my tins away for aging. Thanks to the PIF/MAW thread and Jordan (jfserama), I have a sample of CC 2008 and tried it last night. Its a dark, chunky VA flake as is typical of McClelland, and...
  9. General Pipe Forum
    Has anyone tried this blend yet? Is it any better than 2010? smokingpipes, as of now, is out of stock.
  10. Cigar Bombs
    HOLY CRAP DID MY WISHES GET GRANTED TODAY !!! :banana::banana::banana: Thanks to amazing generosity of teedles915 (T.W.) I was able to have a wish list fulfilled...... And let me tell you when Hinson (Shannon) takes on your list you get it filled AND THEM SOME!!! Here is the annihilation...
  11. Cigar Bombs
    Despite my painful noob status and low post count, the great Shuckins decided to take time (and money) out of his day and send an excellent bomb my way! Much thanks Shuckins, it is a great surprise to open up the mail box only expecting bills and find a priority mail package addressed by you!
  12. Non-Habanos Reviews
    I ran into Gary (creator of Emilio) when I went to pick up a few boxes of his AF-1 for a split I am running and he gifted me this cigar. He told me he was only giving away 20 of these (lucky me!) prior to their release which will be sometime near Christmas. Thanks to him for trusting a noob...
  13. General Pipe Forum
    Any chance? Just wondering... could do it on July 4th... just sayin... :flypig:
  14. Pipe Related Reviews
    Picked a tin up about 3 weeks ago and immediately put it into four ounce mason jars. Decided to try it tonight while grilling tonight. Right off the bat there was a heavy citrus taste to the smoke. Reminds me of the orange note you get off of Shocktop or Blue Moon. It smoked very cool in my...
  15. General Pipe Forum
    Just found it in the trunk of the car. Dry as bone. But you know what? suprisingly smooth and tasty. Anyone ever made these types of pleasant discoveries? Argon Swift
  16. General Pipe Forum
    what is a good year? I bought some 2010 but also have access to 2009 and 2008. Is one better than the other?
  17. Pipe Related Reviews
    Date of Purchase: March 3 and March 18 of 2011 Storage: Mason Jars Berry Cobbler: 3/21 Me: Hey dude try this (tossing a plastic bag of berry cobbler to my friend) Friend: (Sniffing and his eyes slowly closing and mesmerizing the smell) Lets go to the garage! As we both opened the plastic...
  18. Splits & Group Buys
    Thanks to a very awesome BOTL, I have been able to procure a few boxes of the Tatuaje 109 which is a very limited release for the Federal Cigars store in celebration of their 90th anniversary. Tatuaje made 2 versions of the cigar: Vitola Size: 7.25 x 50 Tatuaje 109 Rosado Wrapper - 300 hundred...
  19. Pipe Related Reviews
    Or whatever it's called. Very pretty in the tin/bag it came in. Smells like a good aromatic. Very Christmasy. Like baking pies and cookies. Coconut aromas as well. Light up a small bowl in a Dr. Grabow Grand Duke that I use for aros. Lights easily. The room note of this is incredible...
1-19 of 499 Results