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  1. Habanos Discussion
    My three pack of the 2010 re-release of these beauties arrived today. Although I am very excited to try them, I know relatively little about how these cigars (and the OR) came to be - I couldn't even find them on CubanCigarWebsite. Here is what I know: (1) The first version was released in...
  2. Habanos Discussion
    I read about this cigar a little while back and am just curious if any of the BOTLs here have had any? I believe they were a limited release a while back.
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I was given this cigar by a friend. supposedly its pretty rare. I could not find much on it on the internet. The flavor is amazing and the burn, construction, draw was awesome. The smoke is beautiful, white and rich. Has anyone ever smoked one of these? If not, I highly recommend it.
  4. Habanos Discussion
    I do a bit of buying/trading true vintage Cuban cigars. I am still amazed at the value these hold. I received a Salomone sized cigar that has a reddish colored oval band with the name "Che" on the band . I figure that this may be a regional item . Can anyone tell me about it ? Thank you . Jason H
  5. General Discussion
    Lock of "Che's" hair sold at Dallas auction
  6. General Discussion
    One of the more informed and better written pieces to appear on the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara's death, IMO. The Martyring of Che Guevara By Robert Scheer The 40th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara elicited considerable media attention, mostly about his iconic image captured on...
  7. General Discussion
    By reading this article properly tells how Che Guevara really died.
  8. Habanos Reviews
    This salomon is from one of the commemorative "Che" humidors that have been floating around for the past year or so. I'd like to thank Bruce for gifting me this fine smoke (sorry it took me so long to get around to trying it). Started out slightly mild, then picked-up about halfway through. The...
  9. Habanos Reviews
    Usually when we get together, it's joe.r (virtualsmitty) who breaks out the unusual or rare custom-rolled cigars. Tonight, it was joe.d's (joed) turn to amaze, and amaze he did, with a once in a lifetime Che custom-rolled Salamone. I'm not gonna get all fancy here, cause the news here is the...
1-9 of 9 Results