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  1. Cigar Contests
    Last chance for glory- Cost to enter- a 5pk of smokes per entry, something that would represent you as a cigar smoker, no dog rockets or machine made. How to play- each B/SOTL will choose five golfers for the PGA, best THREE scores combined wins all. Tiebreaker-pick the winning score of...
  2. Sports Forum
    Pretty shocked. Didnt think they would. Anyway congrats to them and any fans they have on here.
  3. Cigar Contests
    OK lets make this simple!!!!! A few rules............ 1. If you want to make a wager then post the team you want to wager with and ask... Does anyone want to wager. 2. If you want that wager then post with quotes "your on". Then those two Puffers are now in agreement of...
  4. Sports Forum
    Howdy Sports Fiends, Thought I might start a thread pertaining to the upcoming National Championship game between Oregon and Auburn. Being a Orygunian, I am legally required to pull for Oregon, even though I am a Boise State fan by nature (was raised in the Treasure Valley). So, what do...
  5. Sports Forum
    Any predictions about who will win the Nebraska -Oklahoma/Texas conference referees game?;)
  6. Sports Forum
    So I'm watching the Lakers parade on TV, and I see Ron Artest. He's in a tophat, and has a cigar in his mouth. New puff emblem anyone?
  7. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Announcement will take place during Rocky Patel Cigars in-store event on Saturday, January 9, 2010 Easton, PA 1/06/2010 05:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) A box of Rocky Patel Cigars is going to earn a lucky football fan the trip of a lifetime - a chance to attend the NFL Championship game on...
  8. Sports Forum
    Phil Mickelson looks to have it won!:clap2: Amazing recovery in the Tourney and a flawless round today! (65)!!!!!!!! Tiger will win the Fedex Cup unless the goodyear blimp lands on him in the next few holes!!!! That is a ten million dolla bonus right there!!!! Kinda obscene isn't it?:dunno: .
  9. General Discussion
    I have 4 Wannamaker tickets with daily parking pass for the PGA Championship in Minneapolis next week. I am not using them for the Monday/Tues/Wed (practice rounds). If anyone wants them they are yours. Perhaps whoever takes them could send me a few gars to offset the shipping. 1st come 1st serve.
  10. Sports Forum
    Anyone watching it tonite? Is Oklahoma going to lose their 5th BCS Bowl game tonite? This year's Heisman winner vs last years. I always pull for the Big 12 which usually puts a curse on them. Instead of smoking my best cigar, I think I'll just go with a daily: Gran Habano Connecticut #1 with a...
  11. Texas
    What: The CAO National Championship Event When: Thursday Jan 8th Where: The Smoke Ring 14019 Southwest Freeway #400 Sugarland, Texas 77478 281-265-1387 Time: 5PM till 10PM Come join Bigfoot (Brian)...
  12. General Discussion
    Anyone else going? BMW Championship 2008 St. Louis I'm going to Bellerive Country Club to watch the FedEx Cup Playoffs. I'll be there Friday, Sept 5th.
  13. Sports Forum
    That's number 17. Light one up for Red!!!!!!! :leph:
  14. Sports Forum
    Okay MMA fans!!! Another championship fight is on the way at Versus TV. Free telecast of WEC Championship fight on 26 March at 9PM ET/ 6PM PT. This is going to be a return engegement between Chael Sonnen and Paulo Filho, and a title defense for Doug Marshall against Brian Stann...
  15. Sports Forum
    Friday... Snow Showers Highs 16* and Lows 2*; Saturday... Snow Showers/Wind Highs 4* and Lows -4*; Sunday (and our best day)... Mostly Sunny Highs 8* and Lows 2*; Of course, weather subject to change. Talk about great football weather. Breakout those CheddyBrauts...:ss
  16. Sports Forum
    I feel this is going to be a close game for my nerves. I got a 5er of $5+ smokes saying LSU will win, straight up. Anyone want to take it?
  17. Sports Forum
    Bid now, if you want to geaux! I guess if you have the money, tickets are available! :D
  18. Sports Forum Can you believe this :BS:BS:BS?! I can't stand media teams, and that is all they are. Whatever. Might be a replay of 2003 in the end.:mad::gn
  19. Sports Forum
    Any Missouri fans want to bet a 5er against my Sooners? Don't have a huge stockpile of Cigars but do have enough to make this wager twice. So anyone think that Missouri can pull it out this time. They did play pretty well in Norman in the first game so in all actuality I pretty much see this...
  20. Sports Forum
    Alright, I know Georgia is supposedly better than Tennessee and should be playing LSU instead, but how do you think this game will play out. I think it will be close but I think LSU has too much depth and that they will be fresher late in the game and squeak by. scottie
1-20 of 35 Results