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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    So my stash has grown exponentially in the past few months. With that my consumption has increased to about 2 cigars(pipe) a day. That being said I decided I want to try aging my stash a bit given my most aged smoke is only 3 months. So from today till next Wednesday no smoking in an attempt to...
  2. Guns and Knives
    Anyone ever tried a Steel Challenge match? I did yesterday for my first time. Man was that fun. It will develop your ability to transition from target to target (very helpful for IDPA and IPSC, although only one hit is required per steel target). One of the nice things about it is that it has a...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    So I've got one of those Visa gift cards and an itch for some new cigars. I've been messing around with the singles selection on for days. I've got $26.57 left on the card. As of now, I've got two Fuente Short Stories and a T-52 robusto in my cart. I've got $5.92 left on the...
  4. Cigar Contests
    If you want to play, you need to sign up by March 15th. Some pretty good prizes for the top 12 finishers. I am not connected to them in any way other than I'm on an email list. Here's the link.
  5. General Pipe Forum
    I am all set to change employers not jobs just who is paying me. We are required to undergo a medical exam and drug screening. As a matter of insurance against any profiling against me for having nicotine in my system (yes there are companies that do this) I am staying away from both pipes and...
  6. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    You might have heard of Cluck U chicken on various Food TV and Travel Channel shows. They do a 911 wing challenge which consists of: 1: Sign a waiver 2: 10 wings with a scoville unit of over 5 habanero peppers (fuggin hot). 3: Its a 10 minute challenge, there are up to 5 minutes to eat the...
  7. Meet the Manufacturer
    I am in need of someone to construct my own cigar. PM me for details.
  8. Cigars for the Troops
    Yesterday, I completed the 85 mile route from Wellesley to Bourne, MA, in the 2010 PMC, to raise funds for the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Didn't do too badly for an old fat guy with a broken toe. Actually, that has healed up pretty well. Fundraising is still $1200 short, so if...
  9. Cigars for the Troops
    Ok, so this may seem an odd fit here. I will be riding (bicycle) in the 2010 Pan Massachusetts Challenge on August 7. I will be riding 112 miles from Sturbridge MA to Bourne MA, to raise money for the Jimmy Fund of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I know, it seems odd, a cancer fundraiser...
  10. General Pipe Forum
    Here's how it would go down - Sign up here if you are interested. After the list is created you will be assigned a partner. You will send your partner samples of two different tobaccos. The samples should be sufficient enough to get 2 or 3 bowls of each tobacco sent. The baggies should be...
  11. Sports Forum
    1. LincolnSmokes - Washington Capitals 2. JayPulay - Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Rupuzld - Chicago Blackhawks 4. RuralHipster - San Jose Sharks 5. SmoknTaz - Vancouver Canucks 6. Tarks - Detroit Red Wings 7. PitbullJimmy - New Jersey Devils 8. PointBreak - Ottawa Senators 9. PointBreak - Phoenix...
  12. Sports Forum
    Hey Guys I had to break this down into 3 posts so please read all 3. Being as how some guys are huge puckheads I am organizing a basic Stanley Cup Winner Pool with 16 people, with cigars as the entry fee instead of money.
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Thanks all, this was fun to watch. It all started here --> Long story short: I asked four people to smoke four cigars, review them; blindly. No pre-judgment due to label, brand, name. Just smoke them and tell...
  14. Jokes Forum
    The ******* Engineer Challenge We are sick and tired of hearing about how dumb people are in the South, and we challenge any so-called "smart" ass Yankee to take this exam: 1. Calculate the smallest limb diameter on a persimmon tree that will support a 10 pound possum. 2. Which...
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    Punch Rothschild Maduro 59.99/20??????
  16. General Discussion
    It has been very quiet on here for a Looooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg time and with the New Year we need to liven things up! Let's get some bombing runs going!! Who's up for it? Anyone with me? Pull out all the stops and unleash the hounds!!! Hit them hard and hit them fast!!!
  17. Cigar Pictures
    Zack took this over awhile back and made sure the coins got done right! They look great Zack, and just want to say thanks again for taking care of this! Hey guys if you like what you see I think he still has some left, shot him a PM.
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    For all of those power-buyers and window-shoppers out there, here is a challenge for you! You must fill up a 200 ct. humidor with cigars of your choice. Assume this humidor could accommodate exactly 200 cigars of any size. It's a magic humidor, okay. You also have a budget. You can't just fill...
  19. Cigar Pictures
    This is what the Challenge coin will look or 2 things have changed... number format will be 1 of 100 and so on
  20. Want to Buy (WTB)
    here's the details: They are $10 per coin with a flat rate of 4.75 priority shipping. I am accepting paypal (to [email protected] ) or PM me for other arrangements. Payment is needed before I get these made. I need a minimum of 50 paid for before I can order them or look in this thread...
1-20 of 59 Results