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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    So I do have some boxes, so far I have kept the cellphone wrap around the boxes on. Is this ok to do this, or should I take it off and allow the boxes to breath a little more? On a side note, i just got a new humidor with trays and rows for each cigar in them. I was told to take the cello off...
  2. Tech Corner
    Howdy Ya'll, I had heard a rumor that those that have an inexpensive cell plan will often get a reduced level of (signal strength) service from Verizon. It seems to be happening to me... I have a Samsung "Facinate" and I have not ever dropped it. As I am part of a "friends and family plan"...
  3. Jokes Forum
    All in all, it hadn't been a good day. Bad traffic, a malfunctioning computer, incompetent coworkers and a sore back all made me a seething cauldron of rage. But more importantly for this story, it had been over forty-eight hours since I'd last taken a dump. I'd tried to jumpstart the process...
  4. (WTB) Non-cigar Related Items
    Does anyone have a somewhat new verizon cell phone that does NOT require a data plan? My wife doesnt use the data at all and im kinda over paying for something that she doesnt use.
  5. Tech Corner
    I am contemplating future needs. I am looking for no frills low cost no contract cell phones. I just need a phone no gps, google or anything simply a phone. Unlimited minutes and no long distance is about all I would need. Oh maybe good calling coverage area as I may be doing a lot of traveling...
  6. Tech Corner
    Hopefully someone can help me out before I go back to the AT&T store. I turn my phone and the pictures do not rotate. I DO believe this can be corrected. I just do not know how to fix it. Can anyone help a brother out (who is starting to feel old and outdated. I used to be able to do all this...
  7. Tech Corner
    looking at new phones but cant decide on what carrier to use (my contract with ATT expired a couple of years ago so i can switch to anyone). anyone in the NY area use T-mobile? if the 'HTC Desire HD' comes to them i will probably jump all over it, but im uncertain how their reception is. it...
  8. Tech Corner
    My daughter broke her at&t cell phone, just wondering if anyone has an extra cell phone that they are not using? Maybe we can trade some sticks for it.
  9. Gamers Forum
    Anyone else disappointed? My brother got it for me, and it feels pretty... lame. Very trial-and-error. I love stealth gameplay, but I don't feel like this really qualifies. It feels less like a thinker (like the Thief series, which is my pinnacle of stealth games), and more like a roll of...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    Sleeper Cell member Kraze15, Erik, attacked me in a very big way. It looks like it's time for me to expand my cigar knowledge. I can't wait! Thank you Erik.
  11. Cigar Bombs
    When Team WA Sleeper Cells strike, no one is safe :spy::spy::spy:: DC: 0309 2280 0002 9936 8416 DC: 0309 2280 0002 9936 8409 -K
  12. Cigar Bombs
    D.c. 0309 3220 0001 8302 9448 d.c. 0309 3220 0001 8302 9455
  13. General Discussion
    I have had an Audiovox (8610 i think) for almost 7/8 years without a hitch. UNTIL my 6month old Pit/wymeriner puppy decided to grab it off my table, carry it out in the rain and proceed to eat/play with it. So its :rip:. I just recently got a LG Script (265)...
  14. Tech Corner
    Fellas, I'm about to get a new phone and was looking for one that supports web browsing much like the iPhones does. I am not considering the iphone or blackberry due to cost of service and size. Am I'm not quite sold on paying the $30 for the data plan when other phones are $20 (unless the...
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    Mods if this is in the worng place please move it. I want to know if any of the cell phones work with Puff? If so whats the best phone for this? How slow will it be? Will I still be able to see pics that are posted on Puff? Will I be able to send PMs? I can go with AT&T or Verizon. Thanks Lance
  16. Tech Corner
    Ok first The Iphone is out because AT&T works like crap at my job, so I can't use it. Plus I really want a phone with a nice large touch screen and a keypad/keyboard. I txt a lot, and while driving so the touch screen by its self won't work very good for me. Anybody have any ideas? I will be...
  17. General Discussion
    I have a theory that 60% have a Blackberry and 30% have a iphone the rest misc! I have a LG VU. :D
  18. General Discussion C'mon, is this for real?
  19. General Discussion
    I got verizon to move my new every two date up to today. So in the morning I'm getting a new phone and I'm torn between the dare and the curve. Which phone would my fellow apes get and why?
  20. General Discussion
    Just got the new Pantech Duo: This thing is awesome. FINALLY, I can use my cell phone for something other than just calling!
1-20 of 58 Results