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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    who else likes to have a smoke inside the house when the old lady is out of town? :hat:
  2. General Pipe Forum
    I have to wonder, any other cat owners notice any particular reaction of their cats towards your tobacco? I ask because I recently ended up seeing a cat play with catnip and it reminded me of my last cat (I haven't had cats for a few years now). I grew up with cats. Most ignored my smoking...
  3. Sports Forum
    Wow what a game I will be the first to say that I thought we were out manned going into this thing. Hell, I'll even admit that I am surprised but it sure is pleasently surprised. One of, if not the best game I've seen this year. Just hoping we can keep it up. GO CATS GO CATS GO CATS
  4. Cigar Bombs
    well today my porch was officially blown off and I can't find my cats now. Someone help. First I come home to 3 boxes that left a crater the size of, well 3 boxes, but my door was gone and no sign of leeluu and fizzgig(hey at least the names are original)first was a wish from scrapiron, next a...
  5. Jokes Forum
    Or, an idiots guide to engineers :D
  6. General Discussion
    [Don Fernando] 5.20 pm: seems like the cats I am taking care of don't like to be threated like guitars [Little General] 5.21 pm: like guitars??? with guitars [mikeandshellie2] 5.21 pm: lol.. guitar? [Little General] 5.21 pm: you play? [Little General] 5.21 pm: i play and collect [Don...
  7. Jokes Forum
    Just came across this....:r
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    In light of the Kansas State routing of the no. 2 ranked Jayhawks this evening, I'm going to torch a Casa Fuente robusto. Then I'm going to Aggieville to be promptly over-served. Wish me luck. :ss
  9. General Discussion
    They just walk right past me and won't even make eye contact. What have done to deserve this? MCS
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    Just came back from Blue Havana II in GA (Jim's an awesome BOTL BTW) and having the need to feed, I head on off to Taco Bell, my brand new Palio and a handful of cigars I planned on putting in my desktop humidor sitting on my desk. Well, when I arrive at the apartment I look for my cigars...
  11. General Discussion
    Congratulations Vic; on your SNRG! You've added a great deal to CS in your time here; and it's great to have you around.
  12. General Discussion
    Congrats on your RG! Well deserved! :chk
  13. Cigar Bombs
    Sometimes the younger members get tagged with the "stray cat" label here. I.E. do not feed the stray cats. Probably deserved in some cases and a dis-service to many. Student Smoker sent me a nice little birthday bomb that arrived yesterday. Wow! Things must be better today than when I went...
  14. Cigar Bombs
    <Thump> <Opens front door> What's this? I don't remember placing an order for anything recently...
  15. General Discussion
    Did you already know? My Uncle Ben (not the rice man) demonstrated this to me in the 60's: cats like a (non-bristle) pipe cleaner to play with as much (or more) than anything else. Twist one or two up to look like a bug and toss it on the floor. These toys still end up under the stove and...
  16. General Discussion
    Well them seem to like it, we were worried they wouldn't sleep on it considering they never had a bed. Wrong..:r Shawn
  17. Non-Habanos Reviews
    What is your take on Fat Cats sold by CI? Anyone care to share some information?
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys. I have started going to the b&m a lot more frequently recently since I have started buying more cigars. Anyways- here is my main question- does anyone know if they have a Wireless Interenet WIFI connection? I start college at the end of the month- starting classes at Cy-Fair...
  19. General Discussion ... way_cats_4 I would like to meet the pencil pushing jerk that decided to make a stink over this.
  20. General Discussion
1-20 of 22 Results