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  1. Cigar Accessory Questions
    My latest humidor is the size of a small casket so was brain storming on putting some fans in there to circulate the air a bit. Was thinking computer fans, but not sure what to use to set them up. Not sure if I can use a ribbon style power line to go out the lid so I don't have to drill any...
  2. Jokes Forum
    A man was walking home alone late one foggy night, when behind him he hears: BUMP...BUMP...BUMP... Walking faster, he looks back and through the fog he makes out the image of huge upright casket banging its way down the middle of the street toward him. BUMP...BUMP...BUMP... Terrified...
  3. Jokes Forum
    Woman dies and after the funeral the pall bearers start to carry the casket out the door but hit the wall and a soft moan is heard. The casket is opened and the woman is found alive. She live another ten years before she passes away. After the second funeral, the pall bearers start to carry out...
1-3 of 3 Results