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  1. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Cancelled. BOTL sent me info on a better 5 pack deal so we're covered. Thanks. :)
  2. Georgia
    Folks, unfortunately Scottish had to cancel on us for Friday, 22nd, due to a month of hospitalization! He is fine now and back working. We are rescheduling for September timeframe... looking forward to seeing everyone then... stay in touch!
  3. Camacho Cigars
    Camacho Cigars has cancelled the 10th Anniversary Commercial contest due to lack of entries. The contest for a 30 or 60 second homemade commercial was announced on March 26th, 2008 and was set to end on May 10th 2008. The grand prize winner would have taken home a check for $2,500 after their...
  4. Everywhere Else
    as some of you know I leave for active duty on 29 July, so lets do a BBQ/HERF at my place....................all are welcome to attend more info to follow
  5. New Jersey
    Ok folks, the location for the NJ Smoke Across CigarLive Virtual Herf is the Metropolitan Society ( ) on Saturday April 26th. We will start our festivities at 7 p.m. EST. The "Met" is a private club located in Fairfield, NJ just off routes 80, 280 & 46. Enjoy a great smoke...
  6. Entertainment
    I guess with the writers strike a lot of shows have been cancelled as well. Here is the list. I'm sorry to see Reaper on the list. :mad: ABC Women's Murder Club Carpoolers Big Shots Notes from the Underbelly Cavemen NBC Friday Night Lights Bionic Woman Life Las Vegas CBS Moonlight Cane THE...
  7. General Discussion
    I happened to see something about the Big Smoke in Chicago being cancelled??? Looks like something to do with a new city ordinance regarding smoking. Not sure all the details, but it definitely struck a cord with me since it appears to be another invasion of our ability to enjoy a good leaf...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Just got this email from the event coordinator at CA: We're sorry but we were just notified that due to the new Illinois legislation banning smoking, we are unable to hold the Big Smoke at the Hyatt O'Hare. Big Smoke Las Vegas, Nov. 7-9 at the Venetian will proceed as scheduled. Watch for...
  9. Ohio
    This event has been cancelled.
  10. Texas
    Due to unforseen circumstances, the rolling event scheduled for November 10 at Richmond Avenue Cigar has been cancelled.
  11. Texas
    Graycliff Event and Cigar Dinner has been cancelled. Absolut Tobacco 1450 W. Grand Parkway Ste L Katy, Texas 77949 281 392 2387
  12. General Discussion
    I found out today that my citibank mastercard was frozen because of suspicous activity. I had made a several hundred $$ purchase from an overseas vendor. The screwed up part is that the order was not for cigars of any type let alone cc's. When she went to unfreaze the account she found she...
  13. General Discussion
    So after waiting all frickin' day (8 hours) at Colo Springs airport for a flight back to Austin, American Airlines decides to cancel my flight. When can I get back? Earliest is Jan 1st! Nevermind work, nevermind the pets and other things at home I need to take care of. Nevermind my...
  14. Jokes Forum
    And it's all your fault !! You told Santa you were good this year and HE DIED LAUGHING !!
1-16 of 16 Results