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  1. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Here it is! The latest creation from Paul Bush....Panacea Azul! A beautiful Cameroon wrapper filled with the finest filler tobacco and bound with a strong Cuban seed binder. This blend has a little bit for every Panacea fan (aka: Flatbeders). Filler is our signature Piloto and Olor ligero, Seco...
  2. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Additional Cigar Reviews - Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Review and the CAO OSA Sol Review The 2011 IPCPR show was the setting for the unveiling of many new cigars, and today's reviews focus on two of them: the Rocky Patel Vintage 20... Read the full article here: Additional Cigar Reviews...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm just wondering how would you guys describe it? It's certainly unique but I can't quite say what the flavor reminds me of. It's just so herbal. Floral? Vegetal?
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    This is one of the finest cameroon wrapped cigars I've ever had. The new Rocky Patel 2003 Vintage Cameroon.. I know it sounds nuts but trust me and pick one up. Wow... I'm buying a box of these. I had the Robusto 5 1/2 x 50 although I could've sworn it was longer than that but it...
  5. Non-Habanos Reviews
    First, a warning. This is my first, true, review and I've had sinus issues since I was a kid, so YMMV on the flavor profile. If not, then I'm starting to get better with this whole flavor thing. This review comes after a threat from the maniacal mouse that wreaks havoc all across puff. This is...
  6. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Not a horrible cigar, but rather flavorless for an Acid. Let's face it Acid's are not for the cigar snob. Acid's are an infused cigar, which the ... Read the full review here: Acid Kong Cameroon Cigar Review - Ehhh !
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Tried one of these for the first time last week. The flavor was balanced and enjoyable, and it didn't alter much from beginning to end, not a bad t... Read the full review here: Don Tomas Cameroon Rothschild Cigar Review - Simple, but Enjoyable
  8. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Size: 4" Ring: 66 Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Drink: Dr. Pepper and Havana Club Second day of holidays, first time I've smoke a cigar 3 days in a row. Good thing the wife is away. LOL This is cigar was not very oily, seemed more dry. It had small light veins and had...
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    I've been mostly smoking Maduros, but also had occasion to smoke some very nice Cameroon wrapper cigars (a couple from the AF Hemingway series, and the Oliva Serie G). Anyone care to share some of your current faves in this range - I'd love more recommendations!
  10. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    If you like Cameroon, this is a must try. Cigar had a nice woodsy flavor that seemed to improve as it smoked down. I had a little trouble with the ... Read the full review here: Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Gorilla Cigar Review - Cameroon-A-Plenty
  11. Non-Habanos Reviews
    So I had my first ever Nub the other day and figured why not give my first ever review as well. Forgive me if it's not the best, i'll get better over time. So I decided to try a Nub Cameroon Torpedo the other day while watching my daughter and some of her friends in the blow up pool. It was a...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Anyone got any suggestions on Cameroon's they really like? I have really gotten on a Cameroon kick lately and have been smoking a lot of Upmann Vintage and Oliva Serie G's. Any other Cameroon's out there I should be trying? Thanks in advance.....
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Got out of work a little early today and figured I would light one of these bad boys up. Pre light I noticed one major vein in the cigar, also noticed multiple cracks in the wrapper. Nice clean clip, and the draw was loose, a little looser than I like but nice and flavorful. Lit nice and...
  14. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This is first Cusano that I have smoked. A flawless wrapper that burned perfectly, this cigar was expertly rolled. I'm not a huge fan of Cameroon w... Read the full review here: Cusano 59 Rare Camaroon Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon Robusto Cigar Review - Decent Cam.
  15. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Flavor is inconsistent. Average at best Read the full review here: Taboo Cameroon Toro Cigar Review - Taboo Camaroon
  16. Non-Habanos Reviews
    4 inches long with a big ring gauge 64, sometimes that cliche that good things come in small packages actually rings true. Grown in Nicaragua this stick features a Cameroon wrapper. Nicaraguan filler & binder. Pre-Light: Stick is firm & fairly smooth on the wrapper, don't let the gauge scare...
  17. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This, like all other of the Excalibur line, was a very good smoke. Cameroon offers a great taste. Stick is full flavored but with great taste, no... Read the full review here: Excalibur 1066 Galahad Cigar Review - Cameroon Green Label
  18. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Well, thanks to one of you nutjob cigar smokers :tease: I got to try my first Nub tonight. I'm going to have to find out if it's the cameroon or if it's just Nubs in general that I liked about this cigar. We start with a nice medium brown colored wrapper. The draw was really open. Almost...
  19. Non-Habanos Reviews
    I snuck out last night on my day off from the gym while the sun was still out. This is out of the LFD Chisel sampler that came out around Christmas time. The sampler was gifted to me by my Dad. Light: Ronson Jet Lite Cut: El Cheapo Drink: H2O Entertainment: The final episode of the Sopranos...
  20. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This is a well built cigar from the Cameroon leaf to the binder and fillers used to complete it, it has great taste, it burns extremely well and I ... Read the full review here: Rocky Patel Cameroon Robusto Cigar Review - Nicely done
1-20 of 316 Results