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  1. Cigar Bombs
    Well, I finally had a few minutes to take some pictures and get them uploaded. I first heard about the possibility of this box on my way home from Canada, where I did not smoke a Cuban. Though I had a wonderful time, I was a little bummed about that not working out, but quickly got over myself...
  2. General Discussion
    ...and apparently they were not turned off by my 2.1 transfer GPA. Looks like I'll be going back to school this fall, I got my letter of acceptance today. University of Wisconsin Parkside. I've got three years up at UW-Milwaukee, but film school does not translate well into business school...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    I picked up this 1970 Dunhill on Ebay, and wanted to know if there was a name for this shape. Thanks for any help!
  4. Cigar Bombs
    This is by far the most gernerous and kind act anyone has ever shown me. You guys have completly kick Dave Ramsey's ass and mine. I got home and found all of these boxes and couldnt believe it. After opening the first box I realized what was going on with each box there was a Dave Ramsey...
  5. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Stoopid Noob Question: "Stinky Ashtray" Why the heck is it called that? Just a name, or a reference to what? Cheers Joe
  6. General Cigar Discussion is unavailable in order to perform necessary system maintenance. We expect bidding to resume shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience :(
  7. Cigar Contests
    :horn: :horn: Whow, 2-months in and already 1000 post !! :faint: (what a post whore huh :smash:) So to celebrate this monumental occasion, :bl To the first person who can guess my middle name, :first: It starts with L. (more clues will be given if needed) I will buy a #3 troop raffle ticket...
  8. Cigar Bombs
    Well let me tell you my neighbors are not happy with me.... Took out the front of the townhomes, and the 16 unit mail box is still missing.... ASMARTBULL took me out hard!!!! I am having problems with my camera loading the pictures, so I apologize that the pics aren't up. He hit me with: A...
  9. General Pipe Forum
    I think "bit" = "mouthpiece", and am using bit in the question below just because it is a shorter word. Some bits slope down toward the mouth at a sharp angle, others make this change more gradually. I find the former tend to want to squirt out of my mouth when I clamp down on them. OTOH, they...
  10. General Discussion
    looking to get a new place to smoke. Was looking to put up something like this outside. Would be great. Is it called a cabana? Searched on Google, couldn't find much. I remember some law was passed in California thay you couldn't smoke outside or something foolish like that. So Arnold...
  11. Tobacco Legislation
    I had written him before the vote urging him to vote no and explaining my opposition to the tobacco tax increases. He's a GOP-er, so I figured he might be opposed to the measure anyway. Nope! Voted for it! So I wake up this morning with a message on my answering machine from the guy, telling me...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Anybody know what these bundle tie/bands are called? What type of cloth/fabric is it? Is it possible to buy it locally at a fabric store?
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    The issue I reviewed for will be out in a couple of weeks and they asked me to remain on the panel!!!!! :dribble:
  14. General Discussion
    Thank you very absolutely made my day I am still smiling. This is what this place can never lose. Thank you my friends
  15. Cigar Pictures
    Doug-ChinoMalo warned me he sent me a "Firecracker" earlier last week. On Saturday late afternoon, The Firecracker is seen in my mailbox. EOD handled the wrapped package. EOD Sgt. tells me he is scared. WTF would scare an EOD Sgt.???? Doug bobbie trapped the box:arghhhh: Lucky for me my...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    The Churchill cigar is named after Winston Churchill. It was originally a specific cigar that was his favorite. Does anyone know what the original name of the Churchill cigar was? Hint: You can find the info on my new site ... if you have been paying attention.
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    I too have fallen victim of Brian's insane carpet bombing run! :shock: I was just about to head out to enjoy a pipe in the cool air before a storm was supposed to hit us... then I see the UPS driver pulling into my street (a little dead end cul-de-sac) and didn't think anything of it since I...
  18. General Discussion
    And the check is in the mail! The world is a kinder place again.
  19. General Discussion
    I bought an 08 Ford Ranger (2wd, supercab) last weekend. It's coming in from another dealership so I haven't even seen yet. The good news is they aren't even bothering to try to sell it to me. For the same price they are selling me an identical truck, except with the added option of tilt...
1-20 of 37 Results