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  1. Books
    i was wondering if we had any historical novel readers like myself roming the forums. My personal favorites are: The Winning of America Series by Allan Eckert --collection of 6 books that he's put massive amounts of research into. these books take you right back to the days of the frontier...
  2. General Discussion
    Are there any Civil War buffs on here? I figure we could start a thread to talk about battles, books, relic collections, anything pertaining to the Civil War Era. I am a huge buff, my studies are in the civil war era and I worked at the Gettysburg National Military Park and love talking to...
  3. General Discussion
    From the gun thread, seems lots of buffs with some nice pieces. I have a question. What would you suggest for a 49 yr old who has never ever owned a gun? I like them but have always feared and respected them so I have preferred to admire them, rather than own them. I would like one to have at...
  4. General Discussion
    I read an article recently about the civil war, and would like to learn more. Can anyone suggest a good "definitive" book(s) on the subject? Or perhaps DVD? Thanks.
  5. General Discussion
    I spent nearly 11 years as a professional photographer in the NJ/NY area. Shot at least 1,000 weddings along with many other functions including proms and so on. When I moved to Florida, I decided to give it up photography as I didn't want to work two jobs anymore. Little did I know I would...
  6. General Discussion
    I currently looking for information on Capt. Benjamin Church during the "King Phillips War" which occured in the Puritan colonies (1675 time period). So far the best info I've been able to find is a reprint of King Phillip's War published in 1906, but it is rumored that Capt. Church's son...
  7. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    OK, so I'm starting to work on my liquor/wine collection. I was at a few stores today and one in particular was swearing by a particular Port that I had NEVER heard of. It was called BENJAMIN australian tawny port. Anyone have any experience with this brand? He also recommended, NOVAL Fine Ruby...
  8. General Discussion
    Bringing this over from the New Gorilla forum: For any Civil War enthusiasts in the DC area, let me invite you to the Ball's Bluff battlefield, just outside of Leesburg, Virginia, for one of our tours. I'm a member of the guide group and am giving the tours this coming Saturday, October 7, at...
  9. General Discussion
    My brother has an old Kodak Retina IIa that still works perfectly (still uses it in fact). Is it worth anything? Mucho danke.
  10. General Discussion
    clicky so what one disease did bill clinton have that no other president has had :r
  11. General Discussion
    Enjoy. Doc
  12. General Discussion
    I've always liked old cars and currently have a '71 cutlass I'm working on. I would have loved to have gotten a 442 but I didn't figure a divorce to be in my best interest. :D Before I've had a '57 chevy 210 and a '55 chevy BelAir. :z
  13. General Discussion
    This is for my 19C. Who else has firearms and what do you have? I'm thinking of getting one of these next:
1-13 of 13 Results