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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Meeting friends at Rock Bottom for some brews and I have 1.5 hours to kill. The evening is mild in the mid 50's, sun slowly setting behind clouds turning the otherwise open sky slowly orange. iPhone tells me there is a cigar shop a few blocks away so I note the good luck of perfect amount of...
  2. Habanos Discussion
    I just got my mail that was held while I was on vacation this afternoon. Several packages I was expecting. A couple bombs that were quite unexpected. Brad hit me with: Partagas Piramides EL 2000 JL #1 08 Cohiba Corona Especial 07 Upmann Noella Partagas Solomones 08 Scott (S Vivo) hit me as...
  3. General Discussion
    Early reports are saying the earthquake was 5+ on the richterscale and the "experts" are worried that it may have been just a foreshock. I felt it up here in northern PA - the house was swaying back and forth, bookcases were swinging, and I thought my 58" TV was going to topple over.
  4. Habanos Discussion
    Tripp (TrippMc4) absolutely destroyed my mailbox today because he "needed to take care of a fellow Philly guy." This really is the city of brotherly love! Thank you so much for the sampler Tripp. It really made my day...especially since it's my birthday. Included was: Mone #4 SCDlH El...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    Do you pick up pennies? Does it pain you to break the 3 dollar mark per cigar? Do you buy sizes of cigars on Cbid that you don't like that well because they are the right price? Are you not afraid to cut a churchill in half so you can get 2 petit coronas? Then you may be a BOTLS... Brother...
  6. Habanos Discussion
    I just wanted to reiterate how great the advise I received on this site has been! I have followed many of the threads on here about safe choices for newbs jumping into the pool wanting to find cigars that smoke nicely with very little age and rest. Many suggested to me to try Partagas Shorts...
  7. General Pipe Forum
    So I, as many of you have done, fell in love with a pipe. I held off on buying it, though, and as the saying goes: "You snooze, you lose." When I went back to purchase it this weekend (at cupojoes), it was gone. It was listed as a one-piece Stanwell Special. Dark bowl, silver-ish acrylic stem...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    There is a link that will get a donation of thousands of cigars for our troops. Its very simple and requires not much of your time at this point they will receive at least 1,400 which is a huge amount and it will be many many more look for the link by u no who and particeipate
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm going to a conference in Melbourne in July. Looks like I'll have at least one free afternoon. Anyone know of a good place to smoke there?
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    As hurricane season is rapidly approaching, I'm wondering what to do with my cigars in the event of an evacuation. I started smoking seriously at the tail end of last year's season, and have never had to deal with this before. What do y'all do?
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    Just wondering if any of us are from College Station? Inquiring minds, you know.
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    In the spirit of the season that just passed, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks (or maybe curses) to all of my American BOTL's (haven't yet traded with any SOTLs) for going the extra mile and trading with me and my Canadian BOTLs. From what I understand, there is some added hassel in...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Been away from cigars and this forum for about a year going through the process of buying a new house and moving...and becoming a gun nut. Needless to say my meager humidor was pretty much down to zip! But I'm back in the company of all you wonderful individuals and I made my first cigar...
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm taking a trip to Lethbridge Canada by way of Calgary for a wedding this July. Can anyone give advice on shops and cigar bars. I am excited to sample some Cuban cigars while I'm there.
  15. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Hey, I've fallen hard for this pipe thing. The problem is, right now I just have one inexpensive (and not terribly good) briar. It's hot, it doesn't have a very big bowl, and the airhole is nowhere near the bottom of the bowl. That, plus I'm smoking a myriad of tobaccos in it and the flavors are...
  16. Cigar Bombs
    Hello all my cigarlive brothers/Sisters, I have a buddy on here who ran into a bit of a rough patch with his himi and lost all of his cigars. he is a college student like yours truly and just like me, has very limited means of purchasing cigars. He didnt have a ton of sticks but did lose quite a...
  17. New York
    The south.....especially SC has been giving us a good woopin (haha not that im complaining) But I wanted to see if anyone wanted to organize a mass bombing day and ship out as many as we can on the same them how a mass bombing comes from the north. We can Tagret their main source of...
  18. General Discussion
    It's getting cold here. I keep oranges for all the kids all winter long cause they love them. Grocery store oranges here come from CA, and no offense, but they totally suck. I usually get navels from this outfit. They're organic, which is a bonus, but it doesn't matter to me at all. I was raised...
  19. Cigar Bombs
    Yep this upcomming week on CS, no one is safe. :gn:gn:gn:gn Stay tuned for details :gn:gn:gn:gn :)
  20. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Vinotemp with cedar shelves, at 99 cents atm.. lol almost makes me wish I lived up there :)
1-20 of 64 Results