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  1. Television and Movies
    Looks like in two years we get to see Bond again. Loved the last two, never liked the ones from the 90's. Oh well, we'll see what happens. James Bond Will Return in About Two Years - MOVIE TALK on Yahoo! Movies
  2. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I have to post a bond to get my car imported into the country. (bastards at the port of Baltimore) It's a long story but I need to sell some cigars. PM me, I prefer PP. All are priced below what I paid. Diamond Crown Maximus, Full Box (unopened), Robusto #5 (20 Sticks) ($150) Nestor Miranda...
  3. Virginia
    Bond's Fine Cigars 6255 College Dr, Suite I Suffolk, VA 23435 757-484-6006 Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 12-5pm Great selection and very welcoming atmosphere. The enitre storefront serves as the humidor. This is the local B&M that I frequent the...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    I just watched License to Kill and the engraved lighter that Felix gives James looks like its an IM Corona lighter. It didn't have the pipe tool in the bottom but it may be the Classico model or something similar. Check it out for yourself because I'd love some confirmation.
  5. Everywhere Else On 11/30 from 6-1am at titancigar in gambrills, md, they will be hosting a James Bond Night. Rocky Patel will be unveiling their new Decade and ITC Cigars, and will be paired with Crown Royal's new Cask No. 16. Many will be in black tie, but just show - this will be big...
  6. Entertainment
    From IMDB: I'm really excited about this. I think Daniel Craig is an awesome Bond. He's 10x better than Pierce Brosnon. He's the best Bond since Connery, if you ask me. I can't wait for the next installment of the series. :tu
  7. Sports Forum
    You decide what to do with it: Link to Vote
  8. Sports Forum
    Well, here's the long awaited link. Save your cigar money; own a piece of history...NOT!
  9. General Discussion
    I'm a big 007 fan. I know most people will probably say Sean Connery is your # 1 Bond but I'll ask any. So, which actor do you like best? I'll start. I like Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig equally. Dalton was the only actor who spent the time to read Casino Royale while the others didn't even...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    I get into work today and my coworker tells me I have a suspicious package waiting for me with a funny return address sticker on it. The moment I see it I know I am trouble. I tried to gift an ashtray to go with Da Klugs new Hallie and he would have none of that. I surrender! I will not...
  11. Cigar Bombs
    Got this small package today with no name on the sender. Had a note from "Q" with a Bond bling referenece. Opened it up and said WTF is this. Took it apart and said WTF is this. Read the directions and assembled it and said ... Too Cool. Bond, James Bond! Fortunately 2 things were in my...
  12. Jokes Forum
    10. Asks everyone to call him "Jimbo" 9. Villain's private "lair" is the corner booth at Pizzeria Uno 8. It's set backstage at "Saturday Night Live" 7. The Aston Martin won't start, so Bond drives a '95 Ford Focus 6. It's about Dr. No's even more evil brother, Dr. Phil 5. Most impressive...
  13. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Cigar: Romeo Y Julieta - James Bond 007 Size: 6 x 48, Torpedo. Construction: Not too veiny, looks and feels just right Price: $9.00 Drink: Decaf Green Mountain House Blend - Cream - Extra Sugar Place smoked: Szott Park, Chicopee, MA - Sunny, 72 degrees Cut: Double Blade Guillotine Light: Ronson...
  14. Cigar Questions
    This goes under the category of - you never know what you will find at a B&M... A friend of mine managed to pick up a few Romeo Y Julieta - James Bond 007's at a B&M for about $9 each... I tried searching for more information on these but did not have much luck... Is this a standard RYJ with...
  15. Entertainment
    The new Bond Casino Royale trailer is out. Here's a link: I just wish Brosnan (or dare I say Connery) was doing it. I like Daniel Craig (Road To Perdition, Munich), but I don't really picture him as Bond. That Eva Green is cute one though! ATL
  16. General Discussion
    Lots of people are up in arms about the new blonde Bond. That doesn't bother me this does. This guy should be f*cking shot! My movie-buff friend Jordan sent this one over: A piece from an interview with the director (Martin Campbell) Now you're going in a different direction with this new...
  17. Entertainment
    the new james bond.... he was good in road to perdition and layer cake
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    Name the actress that has been a Bond Girl twice. Montecristo sent me two Platinum calenders. First response gets it, (not that ya' can't get one anyway). Scott"nobodydoesitbetter"M
  19. Habanos Discussion
    Has anyone heard of a Romeo and Juliet James Bond 007 Anniversary Edition Cigar? Capper
  20. Habanos Discussion
    If you are lover of the leaf and James Bond, you simply MUST watch the latest Bond film - Die Another Day. I went to see it last night and there is a superb scene filmed in Havana. Some of the images are perhaps a little what you would expect - Bond turns up in Havana and the people are...
1-20 of 20 Results