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  1. Smoking Action
    Here's a link to some photos I took last weekend at the Blowin Smoke podcast's 4th Birthday Bash. Enjoy: Picasa Web Albums - MDOSH - Blowin' Smoke...
  2. Smoking Action
    Photos from the Blowin' Smoke podcast's Big Ass 3rd Birthday Party last Saturday (11/8) at Slippery Rock Cigars in Slippery Rock, PA. My camera's memory card messed up on me so I was only able to get a few photos: The Blowin' Smoke recording studio was an apartment adjacent to Slippery Rock...
  3. Everywhere Else
    Saturday, November 8th - Blowin' Smoke Big Ass 3rd Birthday Bash ~ LIVE recording of Blowin' Smoke™ ~Great People ~ Fine Cigars ~ Special Deals ~ More ~ 2pm More information:
  4. Everywhere Else
    Saturday, November 8th - Blowin' Smoke Big Ass 3rd Birthday Bash ~ LIVE recording of Blowin' Smoke™ ~Great People ~ Fine Cigars ~ Special Deals ~ More ~ 2pm
  5. Pennsylvania
    Blowin Smoke's Big Ass 3rd Birthday Party will be held November 8th at Slippery Rock Cigar:) Slippery Rock Cigar Slippery Rock, PA (877) 322-2612
  6. Smoking Action
    Attended the 3rd Annual Blowin' Smoke Cigar Bar-BQ at Slipery Rock Cigars this past Saturday. Rather than uploading all the photos here, I'll simply post the link to the album on my wife and myself's photo website. Here's the URL, enjoy:
  7. Pennsylvania
    Anyone else going to this? Sounds like a great time. I think Ralphy Gee said he's driving across state for the event. Anyone else planning on attending? Here's some info on the event: Blowin' Smoke Third Annual Cigar Bar-B-Que Saturday July 19, 2008 Slippery Rock Cigars (278 Cameron Drive...
  8. New Hampshire
    2nd Annual Dinner & Cigars June 19, 2008 At The Bedford Village Inn Cocktail Reception: BVI Signature Martini w/Imperia Vodka Mount Gay Silver Mojito Multiple items of Macallan & Highland Park Cigar: Ashton Cabinet #6. FIRE Chicken & Beef Satay Soy Glazed Scallop Skewers Grilled Chorizo with...
  9. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    I guess this is where I intro...If not this will be stupid! Been Smoking for about 15 years. I'll try anything once, usually twice since I CRS anymore! Have a few favs, Rocky Edges, Lot 23 Perdomo, CAO Sopranos, Diamond Crown Maximus, enuf said about that. I'm an Old School Geek, Car Guy, Old...
  10. Pennsylvania
    Anyone else plan on attending the second birthday party for the Blowin' Smoke podcast this Saturday (Nov 10) at Slippery Rock Cigars? I'll be driving down from Buffalo for the event. Here's info ont he event from the Blowin' Smoke website: The Blowin' Smoke™ Big-Ass 2nd Birthday Party! JOIN...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys I was listening to the latest Blowin Smoke podcast and heard John Rider on it as a minute with John. So cool to see John branching out. Who knows were he will pop up next? Blowin Smoke#37
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Rumor has it that Blowin' Smoke listeners won't want to miss the next show pegged for late this week. Something about opportunity, but I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors. <excuse me> Yes...ok...yeah...I know...ok... Um...I have just been advised by my attorney that I may have already...
1-14 of 14 Results