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  1. General Discussion
    Line up fellas....they're in limited supply all the way from Australia! Check out that table. Make sure to watch the vid. Here! The price, you ask? $30,000. A steal when you see this sucker is $175,000!
  2. General Pipe Forum
    I thought I posted this but somehow the thread did not appear so I have to start over... I think for my first pipe I am going to buy an inexpensive new briar. I have looked at estate pipes on eBay but I think until I know a little more about pipes I will take less chances by buying one new...
  3. Kansas
    Golden Knights Billiards 3801 S. Santa Fe Chanute, Ks. 66720 620-431-7665 Appetizer & sandwich menu.
  4. General Discussion
    Who here likes to shoot pool? After seeing some of the hustlers at the Louisville herf, just curious as to who else here enjoys shooting.
  5. General Discussion
    At 10:00 CST on ESPN there is a WPBA event taped September 8th. My cousin will either be playing in it or the guest commentator. Not sure which, but if you get a chance tune in. Her name is Sarah Rousey.
1-5 of 5 Results