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  1. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Wonderfull, medium bodied cigar. The aroma of chocolate begged for my attention. Flavours like pepper, coffee and cacao keep mixing it up during th... Read the full review here: Bolivar (Cuba) Fabulosos, RE Benelux (2009) Cigar Review - Awesome smoke
  2. Habanos Reviews
    Right now there is nothing smoking better in my humidor. I guess I am pretty lucky that I can get these just about anytime I want while I am living here in Brussels. I will be trying my best to pick up a box before they are gone forever. First the regular review: Brand Name: Ramon Allones -...
  3. Habanos Reviews
    Decided tonight while walking the dogs it was time to revisit this one again to see what it was doing. Nice wrapper and construction like every Ramon Allones I have smoked. I really like the appearance of these labels. The third one down is not normal on these but normal on all cigars coming out...
  4. Habanos Reviews
    I was gifted this cigar by a friend and great BOTL, NavyDoc. After sitting in the humi for a week or so I finally had a few hours to devote to this bad boy so I decided to set it ablaze. The cigar was very soft and smooth to the touch and medium brown in color. It seemed a bit on the loose...
1-4 of 4 Results