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  1. Coffee Discussion
    We talk roasting age, we talk type of roast, we talk equipment, we talk water temp. What about the age of the green bean before roasting ? I don't think I've ever seen this addressed.. Thoughts?
  2. Coffee Discussion
    Thought I would make a thread to list where us regular people get their goods. - cant say enough good stuff about this operation. Top notch. Fast Shipping! - another good place, never had a problem. Website doesnt do the indepth reviews like SM but he does...
  3. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Ain't much better that a crock pit cooking all day long, full of Pinto Beans and ham hocks. Making the cornbread around 6:00 PM... Come on over!! Here's a nice site to take a look-see at while you wait... Soul Food Recipes - Soul Food Cookbook - At The Soul Food Site
  4. Coffee Discussion
    I'm not exactly a coffee connoisseur, but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee. Some of my friends like to drink coffee from Coffee Bean Direct. I was wondering what you gents think of the stuff from them and how you would compare it with other high quality coffee. Thanks. -CS
  5. Everywhere Else
    A small gathering, but it is a nice place to hang out and have a smoke. I think my wife and kids were out on in the Strip district shopping... ... .php?id=21 Signed box of smokes and some free grub...a nice finish to a day in Pittsburgh P.S. Who's that...
  6. Coffee Discussion
    A while back I posited(:D) the question of how well a salad spinner would work for chaff removal and bean cooling. Seems like someone else had the same idea and it works well. If you're Mr. Moo and using a BBQ roaster the load may be too large, but for anyone using a SC/TO this might be just...
  7. Coffee Discussion
    Interesting conclusion. Maybe some of you already knew this.
  8. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Ingredients: 16oz can of pinto beans 16oz can of black eyed peas 16oz can of white corn 1 can of Chic peas 1 small green pepper, chopped fine 1 cup red onion chopped fine 1 small can of jalapeño peppers, chopped fine 1 cup oil (any will work but I use either vegetable OR light olive oil) 1 cup...
  9. Coffee Discussion
    I was admiring a friend's fully automatic Jura Capresso Impressa Z5 machine while visiting his house. Nice machine but way out of my price range. I was asking him what kind of beans he uses and he said Illy, which I am under the impression isn't the freshest available. I was mentioning some...
  10. Coffee Discussion
    I see many of the expresso machines companies selling expresso beans and question the freshness. I have been very happy with Killer Beans and am wondering if the beans like Caribbean Cutthroat are suitable for expresso now that I can properly grind them or should I look for something else for...
  11. Coffee Discussion
    Since Tristan bombed me with some fresh roasted bean the other day:tu, I have been looking into getting myself a roaster of some sort, and sliding down yet another slope:hn. I see quite a few posts on the popperyII, FR8, and the SCCO roasters, but only one thread about the Nesco roaster that...
  12. Cigar Bombs
    Bean-bonked by Hova45/Joey - how cool. One of my all time faves in coffee is the often hard-to-find Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto coffee bean. When it's on it's the best. I won't say where the beans came from but, if Hova45 want to tell then it's OK with me. I WILL NOT REVEAL A SOURCE!!!!! So...
  13. Commercial Roast Reviews
    So far, I like the Cutthroat the best, what is your fav?
  14. HomeRoast Reviews
    What is your favorite SO bean to roast for espresso? I am not a blender when I home roast, so I am looking for one that you have had good results from lately.
  15. HomeRoast Reviews
    I totally love roasting Colombian Excelso. Versatile. Light, dark, don't matter. Still gets delicious results every time. Yours?
  16. Coffee Discussion
    Do you blend beans? I haven't yet, although I guess in some way I have as I take some smaller amounts and combine them, then grind. If you do blend beans, how do you determkine what you use and do you use measuring cups? or a scale to determine what's blended? I would imagine that you...
  17. Coffee Discussion
    How do you choose your beans? Do you buy a sample of a lb or so and then buy or not to buy larger quantities? If you like a bean, whats the largest amount that you get? 3lb? 5lb....larger? Also, how do you store your green beans? Leave them in the plastic bag or get some burlap bags?
  18. Coffee Discussion
    The other night Laura had been out shopping and bought a salad spinner. It sat there on the counter looking at me, and I it, until Laura said "why are you looking at my salad spinner like that?":mad: Naturally, I innocently replied, "Like what?", to which she let me know in no uncertain...
  19. Coffee Discussion
    All Hail the Bean!!!!!!!! Ironically enough, also what Laura says.......
1-19 of 35 Results