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  1. Sports Forum
    does anyone collect basketball memorabilia?
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    We have a great B&M locally called Angelina's Cigars. They have a private club, but have not joined. This afternoon I was invited to come watch the ND women's and Butler men's basketball games at the club by a friend that is a member. What a great way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed...
  3. Cigar Contests
    If you want to play, you need to sign up by March 15th. Some pretty good prizes for the top 12 finishers. I am not connected to them in any way other than I'm on an email list. Here's the link.
  4. Sports Forum I am the happiest dad in the Carolinas this week. :smile: :smile: :smile: Tune in now, hear?
  5. Sports Forum
    The Bulls and Celtics have been putting on one heck of a seriers. Celtics are up 3-2, I'd like to see it go seven games, just to see some more great basketball...
  6. Sports Forum
    Mississippi basketball coach Andy Kennedy avoided jail time Monday by pleading guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct for his altercation with a cab driver... Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy was sentenced Monday in Ohio to 40 hours of community service and six months probation. kennedy...
  7. Sports Forum
    Good luck to both teams tonight, I would love to see a close game. I dont really have a favorite, I like both programs... but I'll be pullin for the Spartans, I'd like to see the under-dog pull a suprise ( plus...Mich St owes the Tar Heels a little something after the spanking they got earlier...
  8. Sports Forum
    anyone intereted in a fantasy basketball season? its basketball but I like it and like to keep my hand in something during the winter. I could try to set up one in Yahoo or willing to join someone if they already have a league set ]up. we could put up some smokes for the winner ...
  9. Sports Forum
    Men's or Women's team. It doesn't matter but they are so dominant it becomes boring by the start of the fourth quarter. I can't turn it off though because it's pure entertainment.
  10. Sports Forum
    Tain't right, in my book. In the spirit of the Olympic games, these people should be the best ameauterus in the world. I guess the Olympic committee who votes on things, such as choosing which events allow professional atheletes, can be bought!
  11. Cigar Contests
    BostonMark had a contest to guess the points scored by Hansbrough and Paulus for the UNC/Duke game. I dang near aced it! Got Mark's winning today. Very nice selection! Mark's team lost and he still had the heart to send some delicious cigars. Top notch!! The center unbanded is a RP Edge...
  12. Sports Forum John Brady has been fired. I have NEVER liked this chump, he has been sucking for years and would have been gone a long time if they hadn't gone to the final four a few years ago. LSU is too good of a school to have ANY team this bad. Good riddance! :)
  13. Sports Forum
    Who's your team? Mine has to be the Kentucky Wildcats! I was raised a Wildcat. My father graduated from there and a couple of brothers. I lived most of my life in West- By God- Virginia and love the Mountaineers , but they are and always been 2nd to my beloved #1 Kentucky Wildcats:biggrin:I also...
  14. Cigar Contests
    My first contest. Here's the deal: Since the first 2008 season meeting of the greatest rivals in sports (UNC/Duke) is in two days, here's what I want to know. How many points will Hansbrough score? How many points will Paulus score? Tiebreaker: How many minutes will Ty Lawson play? Winner...
  15. Sports Forum
    not sure how many of you have received this email yet but: NCAA® March Madness® on Demand is back for 2008! Sign up now to get your free VIP pass. You signed up to be notified when NCAA March Madness on Demand was launched, and the wait is over! Once again, you will be able to...
  16. Sports Forum
    Gotta go with the... UNC Tarheels! (predicted 1-9-08)
  17. Sports Forum
    As someone who went to school at the University of Memphis and lives in Memphis, it's so exciting seeing the tigers get off to a good start this year, in the last week memphis has beaten #4 Georgetown, and #12 Arizona what exciting basketball. Just sharing my excitiment for a great year, Tigers...
  18. Sports Forum
    I set up a fantasy league at yahoo if anyone is interested let me know and i'll send you the address and pw. limited to 12 teams and the draft is thursday nite at 8 eastern but i can change it if needed. also if interested we could do where the winner of the league gets a few cigars open to any...
  19. Sports Forum
    So being brown,I had to cheer for my boys when they would drop buckets. First quarter was rough though,USA put up almost 50 points. Mexico did hold them to like 18 or so for the second quarter though.Anyways, Anyone else watch the game?We (USA) looked like crap,do give Mexico props for putting...
  20. Sports Forum
    Not that I watch it or anything but from what I have heard she is an amazing coach and that something is definently wrong for her to announce her leave before seasons end...people are saying to watch the drama about to occur.
1-20 of 34 Results