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  1. Habanos Discussion
    this order may go down on friday, only question is are my choices of procurement favored ones? 1 x Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No.1 1 x Saint Luis Rey Série A 1 x San Cristóbal de La Habana La Fuerza 1 x H. Upmann Magnum 46 1 x Punch Punch-Punch 1 x Cohíba Siglo IV 1 x Hoyo de Monterrey...
  2. Cigar Contests
    THIS IS OPEN TO ALL US MEMBERS Hello race fans. THE CHASE IS ON!!! We head to the 31st round of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup season and 5th week of the Chase. This week finds us at the Charlotte's 1.5 mile quad-oval after Fontana last week. Welcome to this weeks NASCAR Contest here on Puff...
  3. General Discussion
    This popped up when I logged into my online banking (I highlighted the manipulative parts). What fking asshats these guys are! "Oh, just say 'Yes' so we can continue the surprise buttsecks!" K... Howbout NO. ..|.. ^__^ ..|.. @the banks.
  4. Cigar Contests
    Hello again race fans. We are heading into round 31 of the 2009 NASCAR Season. Coming up on the mid point of the Sprint Cup Chase we find the man at the top has changed. With Jimmie Johnson riding last weeks win at Fontana, the Chase for the Cup is tighter than ever. Can JJ maintain his...
  5. Jokes Forum
    A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He walks up to the nurse behind the counter and demands that she open the sperm bank vault. She says "But sir, its just a sperm bank!" He replies "I don't care, open it now!!!" She opens the door to the vault and...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys I just wondered what you guys think about it. I know theres a huge cigar bank in sweden where you can keep your cigars in a humidor locker and take them whenever you like and smoke in their smoking room and the bank gets special cigars and selling it for its members etc. I wonder what...
  7. Jokes Forum
    A man walks in a bank, gets in line, and when it's his turn he pulls out a gun and robs the bank! But, just to make sure he leaves no witnesses, he turns around and asks the next customer in line, "Did you see me rob this bank?" The customer replies "Yes, I did!" The bank robber raises his...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new here and I was just wondering if there were some cigars that I could enjoy without having to dish out too much money. I'm in Orange County and I've been smoking Ashton Cabinets as of late, my friend has told me that there are better for cheaper. Haha I feel a little cheated...
  9. Jokes Forum
    A guy storms into a bank and orders everyone on the floor. "Nobody looks up or I blow your head off, understand?' With that he notices a guy at the end of the counter and rushes up to him. 'Did you see my face?' The guy answers yes and the robber shoots him in the head. He then turns to the guy...
  10. Jokes Forum
    Yesterday a man walked into a California Bank with a handgun and robbed it. He took $5,000 and fled. The robber ran outside where there was a guy looking at him. The Robber asked the man if he saw what he had just did. The man replied "Yes" and the robber shot him in the head and killed him...
  11. Jokes Forum
    A man walks into a bank, gets in line and when it is his turn he pulls out a gun...and robs the bank! Just to make sure he leaves no witnesses... He turns around and asks the next customer in line.. "Did you see me rob this bank?" The customer replies, "Yes!" The bank robber raises his...
  12. Entertainment
    Got it from Itunes last weekend for 2 bucks or so. The academy award was well deserved. Great satire, funny as hell w/ lots of sharp commentary. Trailer
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    So the whole shebang finally arrived....and I'm as floored now by the sight as I am broke by the price. I will be one happy sucker though :ss Pictures here:
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    As it gets billed for last week's CBid purchases: 2x Indian Tabac 20ct Humi's 1x Fire by Indian Tabac Toro Corojo (5-pack) 2x 5 Vegas Series 'A' Archetype (5-pack) 5x 5 Vegas Series 'A' Apocalypse (5-pack) 1x 5 Vegas Series 'A' Anomaly (5-pack) 1x 5 Vegas Corona (5-pack) 3x Pirate's Gold by...
  15. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Wondering what everyones favorite single malt or any other liquor they drink while smoking is, needs to be under $45 a bottle. Thanks Archer82
  16. General Discussion
    Bank of America credit card - no SSN required By Miriam Jordan and Valerie Bauerlein The Wall Street Journal LOS ANGELES - In the latest sign of the U.S. banking industry's aggressive pursuit of the Hispanic market, Bank of America Corp. has quietly begun offering credit cards to customers...
  17. General Discussion
    Couldn't find a thread on this, so I thought I'd start one. I had forgotten about this scam until a few moments ago when I got an email of this scam :mad: BEWARE!
  18. Site Help and Suggestions
    when i try to go to the bank i get this message Club Stogie Message You are not allowed to purchase this item. any ideas??
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    So it's August - and my electric bill was 600 bucks! So in an effort to curb costs, every morning me and my wife have been setting the thermostat at 82-85 before we leave for work. My concern obviously is for my humidors and the precious sticks inside! At night, we have the AC down to 74-78 and...
  20. Jokes Forum
1-20 of 29 Results