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  1. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Just wondering from any experienced folk on what the best thing is out there to keep a backup smoke in the car is. I'm thinking a single Tube of some sort. Not looking to keep anything fancy in it, just a regular daily smoke, but so far it's not worked out well due to the dramatic temperature...
  2. General Discussion
    So last night I went into the basement to retrieve a broom when I smelled something a little off. Turns out Spring thaw has brought with it some disgusting side effects in our new home (built in 1908, bought in 2010) in the form of a backed up sewer. I'd normally post pics as I think it makes...
  3. General Discussion
    My nephew will be graduating from the NYC police academy soon. I have promised to buy him a backup pistol. I'm assuming his on duty pistol will be a hefty 9mm like a Glock. Not the easiest gun to conceal when you're wearing shorts & a tee shirt. I have a Ruger LCP 380 that is very compact &...
  4. General Discussion
    I have damaged many good movies due to my carelessness and clumsiness and i finally got a PC with a dvd burner. So now i would like to backup my DVD collection.I did some research online and there are a lot of issues with piracy. I do not want to do anything illegal of course. Can i get in...
  5. General Discussion
    Mt lighter and cutter have vanished and not been seen for a week. What do you think of the back-up? I know you love the custom Gurkha Bic! Lets see some pix of other un-orthodox insturments tools. Please tell me I'm not alone.
1-5 of 5 Results