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  1. Cigar Bombs
    last night i got home late and forgot to check the mail. i went to bed and thought nothig of it. thismorning i go out to check the mail and i notice a dead bird on the ground next to it and my mailbox destroyed. that bird always had "Bommed" my mailbox in the past but an enemy of his had bown...
  2. Cigar Pictures
    You know who you are.... Thank you - it was enjoyed immensely...
  3. General Discussion
    i bought this on the random shirt deal they had going it was 6.66 with free shipping so i figured wth...well at least until i got it then i LOLed my ass off, and then i got pissed that i cant even wear this thing in public... not that i want to but for 6.66 i was hoping for sumtn that i could...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    I was smoking a bowl at my computer, got startled by something, the pipe fell out of my mouth dropping hot 'baccy on the keyboard. Now I've got a little crater in the comma key. :hn
  5. General Discussion
    I have an order at Famous, and I havent paid for it yet, but I lost my bloody credit card yesterday. I put a freeze on it so noone goes swipe happy on it, but that means I cannot pay for my smokes. I hope they are ok with waiting a week (thats how long it will take to un-freeze it, if I find it...
1-5 of 5 Results