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  1. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around these pages for sometime before deciding to register. I so glad I found this forum. I have already learned so much. Anyway, I live in Round Rock, Texas. It's a suburb just north of Austin. I'm looking to attend some events in the Central Texas area. The...
  2. Thoughts and Prayers
    In remembrance of a friend i used to have! May he R.I.P. we all used to call him the sad clown! He would smile crack jokes all the time. But he really was unhappy with life near the end he would look for confrontation with those around him. He just passed this weekend got the word from...
  3. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    hey guys, Finally joined! looking forward to reading/ discussing cigars :) from austin, tx work with austintxeric he got me hooked.
  4. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone! I've been browsing this site for awhile and thought I'd jump in. I've been a serious cigar smoker for about 13 years, minus a few breaks here and there. I haven't been active in a cigar community in a long time and I miss it. From the look of this site, I think I may have found...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey guys...moved up to Austin for school (hook 'em) and working at a cigar shop out here. Anyone out this way and down for a mini-herf by chance. Even though we are treated like Nazi's in public places.
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    In Austin this weekend with my family. Any tips from locals on what to do? or specifically where the best B&M's?
  7. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    I use this site for information all the time at work. Figured it was high time to sign up. Good to be here!
  8. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hello all. I am Scott from very very fart East Austin (the sticks and love it). I have no idea why I never found this place before but I have been reading and reading for the last several days. Been smoking cigars more and more since about 10+ years ago. What a fine way to spend an evening...
  9. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    One of the most unique and creative marketing campaigns of the year was launched this month by none other than Camacho Cigars when they unveiled ... Read the full article here: One on One Cigar Interviews - An Interview with Dylan Austin of Camacho Cigars
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    Not really a review, since i'm not really a person who can pick up on all the flavors coming out of a cigar when I smoke. But I headed down to Bobalu here in Austin on 6th street on Saturday to check them out. Their operation is small, they have about 6 rollers on site (all of whom are from...
  11. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hi, y'all! Been browsing for a while and thought I'd introduce myself. I got my start with cigars with the occasional Robert Burns Black Watch in high school and a few El Producto Exceptionales in college :eek:. Then, got into handmade cigars during the "cigar boom" in the mid-90s. Smoked a...
  12. General Discussion
    Hey guys & gals, I'm going to be in Austin the weekend of 2/06. I'll be going with a colleague for a business event that weekend but might have some free time to do some exploring. I might even have an hour or two for a cigar! Since I've never been to Austin, I'd love to check out the 'must...
  13. Texas
    Hi Everyone, My name is John Michaels from Austin, Tx. I started an event focused Lifestyle Network call CigarBoyz, We're hosting weekly events in Austin right now but looking to grow. If anyone has an interest in joining, feel free. Just go to
  14. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Just got back into cigars, last time I smoked was a few years back and at that, just a few Montecristo's. Since getting back in, i've tested a few and have grown fond of the Padron 1926 #6. Have a few OpusX XXX (saving those) , Padron 1946 and a few other random sticks. I'm currently working...
  15. Everywhere Else
    If anyone in Austin Texas wants to meet up for a herf, let me know!
  16. Texas
    Hi everyone, You may know me as the owner of, as I often post our sales on here, but I'm happy to announce that I've just opened up my cigar lounge in Cedar Park (Austin), TX, and I'd like to invite all of you from Texas to drop by or have a herf here! The Fumee Cigar Lounge...
  17. Texas
    On Thursday, November 20, from 5PM to 8PM, we're having David Blanco of Los Blancos Cigars at our new Fumee Cigar Lounge in Cedar Park, Texas (just north of Austin). There will be complimentary beer, wine and snacks. Come try a Los Blancos Cigar and take advantage of our by 3 get 1 free special...
  18. Everywhere Else
    Here's the details. It won't be a very long herf with a lot of hoopla. It'll just be "if you're in the area and want to join us" kinda herf. I am officially the Chief Bottle Washer for the band 25 Smokin' Figurados <>. They will be having their release party on...
  19. Texas
    Here's the details. It won't be a very long herf with a lot of hoopla. It'll just be "if you're in the area and want to join us" kinda herf. I am officially the Chief Bottle Washer for the band 25 Smokin' Figurados <>. They will be having their release party on...
  20. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hi there. I have always been an adamant nonsmoker my whole life, especially with respect to cigarettes, though I always have enjoyed the aroma of a nice pipe or cigar when I come across it. Well, I have started to light up a cigar on weekend evenings a couple of times a month, just for grins...
1-20 of 75 Results