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  1. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Newcomer from Auburn, Alabama. Got into cigar culture thanks to my friends, and have made several purchases since. Hobbies include cigars (as of recently), running in the mornings, drums, and Auburn football (naturally). I'm a huge music person, mostly all forms of rock. Anything you want to...
  2. Sports Forum
    Howdy Sports Fiends, Thought I might start a thread pertaining to the upcoming National Championship game between Oregon and Auburn. Being a Orygunian, I am legally required to pull for Oregon, even though I am a Boise State fan by nature (was raised in the Treasure Valley). So, what do...
  3. Sports Forum
    Ok who's got the winner?? Always love the Thursday night games before a Friday and the weekend. Line is sitting roughly Auburn -1, so basically straight up play. Auburn has a transfer quarterback from Florida. Mississippi State has two guys competing for the quarterback spot. Both defenses are a...
  4. Cigar Pictures
    just a pic of winnings from bet with FJ. he stood up for Auburn even though not a fan and he came through with smokes, something to drink and those Auburn coasters. love those coasters. thanks man
  5. Sports Forum
    any auburn fans out there that might like to make a wager ( if that is allowed here) on football game with WVU ?? might be willing to stick my neck out and put something up on game. forget date of game but is fairly early in season
  6. Everywhere Else
    anybody want to meet up? Detroit crew? didnt think about it until i was already here so sorry about the short notice, but if anyone is going to be around, let me know. Brad
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    I'll be in Auburn, IN next week for 4 days on a business trip. Anyone know of a good cigar shop or some other place to enjoy a cigar?
  8. General Discussion
    My mother and my son were in attendance at the game this past Saturday. They were doing the "tailgating" thing and such. They happened to notice 2-3 hawks flying around and thought it was cool and such. While they were walking to the SI SEC Tour display. They heard a loud crashing noise in a...
  9. Sports Forum
    Text book example of a chop block. And they claim it was unintentional. And, of course, the referee was standing right there and didn't call it.
  10. Florida
    Well had the absolute pleasure of meeting a few good men. Went to our tailgate spot on Sat for the Florida Auburn game and met GatorMike, G8bone, and JamesII. Were were able to hang for a bit and share a stick. We tried to get to Gator Walk but were about 2 minutes too late for a decent...
  11. Sports Forum
    I know when the coach for Auburn decided to let the clock run out in regulation with like 20 or so seconds left and not opt for a play or two to try and win that his team would loose in overtime. And the USF BULLS made him pay for it. What a game!!! GO BULLS!! :ss
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    If anyone knows of a good cigar shop in Auburn, Alabama I would appreciate the recommendation. My son goes to school there and I will be visiting him in a couple of weeks and would like to sample some of the finer products while I am in town. Thanks for all of the suggestions! :ss
  13. Sports Forum
    Who will it be?
  14. Sports Forum
    What a game...just wow.
  15. Sports Forum
    Sugar Bowl: Virginia Tech (+7) vs. Auburn (-7)
1-15 of 15 Results