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  1. Cigar Bombs
    first off..I don't know what I did to piss off the Brits; I've always considered myself an Anglophile...I have the entire dvd collections of Monty Python, The Black Adder and Yes,Minister and Yes,Prime Minister.....I've heard of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde....I know what a "Page 3 girl"...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Where to start? I think WOW you crazy mutha f.......r starts to sum up what I got hit with this afternoon....Seng you are a crazy MoFo!! First up the sneaky lulling into a false sense of security. Then all of a sudden a loud bang.....packing tape and bubble wrap everywhere!! And the smell...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    after several vicious attacks by some serious bombers in this community, I feel confident that my secret lair can withstand any assault and remain standing. I,on the other hand,am not indestructible. I was doing some light reading from The Anarchist's Cookbook and just when I was getting to...
  4. Cigar Bombs
    I came home to this package yesterday! I am blown away by your generosity guys!! But rest assured guys we will herf again real soon! Thank you for some real nice sticks and also my new Fave!! Go Blue!!
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Well I come home today and see a pile of boxes sitting on the doorstep. I have been away and have not been on PUFF as much as usual because I am still trying to get caught up. I don't know how this one got passed me. All I can say is that i am extremely humbled. Smelvis, Jenady, and Shuckins...
  6. Cigar Bombs
    After a hard day at work I check my phone and there is a missed call from my grandfather. I call him back and he's furious. He went out to get the mail today only to have the mailbox blow up in his face. Thad your days are numbered. and here is the carnage
  7. General Pipe Forum
    Firedawg sent me about 2 lbs. worth of samplers and two pipes out of the blue, one of them is a calabash with a meerschaum removable bowl! No joke, we have a seperate mailbox that's poorly tacked into a support pole of the front porch and the damn box broke it off one of the screws, leaving it...
  8. General Discussion
    You guys must have heard of leaking all this crap on the US State Department, sensitive documents, etc. So now the site is habitually being attacked by "unknown hackers" and is down? What a joke....those "unknown hackers" are working out of a Washington DC office. LOL! :ballchain:
  9. Cigar Bombs
    The Texas Bombers launched an evil attack on my little bit of Missouri. Their excuse is pretty weak... So, there were three of them involved in this sneak attack. Fellas I really appreciate all the attention. There are some of my favorites in that bunch as well as a bunch that I have...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    The fire in the background is my mailbox. Once it was safe to check it out all that survived were these. Thanks to Clifford for this very unexpected attack.
  11. Cigar Bombs
    Sleeper Cell member Kraze15, Erik, attacked me in a very big way. It looks like it's time for me to expand my cigar knowledge. I can't wait! Thank you Erik.
  12. General Pipe Forum
    I got a welcomed packaged today in the mail. dj1340 decided i needed to try some different tobaccos. Sent me a handfull of excellent and large samples. Smoking the Dunhill EMP right now and loving it. The P&C Daybreak I have is very close to this but the Dunhill is definetly better. Ive been...
  13. Cigar Bombs
    Kevin though a grenade at my house and took out my living room. He sent me a really cool CAO hat. I really like it Kevin thanks a lot and the note was really nice too. Here is a pic of the devastation.
  14. Cigar Bombs
    I am currently suffering from wounds inflicted by one of natures most elusive, mysterious, and dangerous animals. I knew the tentacles of the Giant Squid were long, but I didn't know they could reach from Texas to DC. Seriously the Squid® hit me with a sweet bomb including 12 count them 12...
  15. Cigar Bombs
    You CR Vets are ruthless! I just wanted to do a simple box-split and BAM! Attacked by Anton!!! :twisted: I should have known something was fishy, because this has happened to me once before! But i would like to thank you for your generosity, Anton. I will sure enjoy these! Here's the damage:
  16. Cigar Bombs
    I was sitting at home today and get a knock at the door and the ups guy handed me a package and ran. I looked at who this came from and said Avery Dennison from Hamilton OH. I think this is from Sam, correct me if I am wrong.I was kinda expecting the BOOB to do something to me but was not sure...
  17. Cigar Bombs
    PHAT man attacks Great White La Rue, OH. July 19,2008. In an unexpected & throughly massive attack a crazy PHAT man attempted to kill a Massive Great White. Although this Great White has been prone to be violent as of late, it is reported that this was unexpected. This particular Great...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    THis just in... the BBS was hit by a Higher Headquarters attack, General OSB revealed that a direct attack on BBS headquarters at Neverland Ranch has left several FFAG's dead and many more FFAG's injured... what is unknown is the status of the BBS leader. It is rumored at the time of attack he...
  19. Cigar Pictures
    Scott bombed me with a autographed photo of my beloved Pittsburg Steeler's Louis Lipps, a great USMC tee-shirt and a super assortment of Top-Notch smokes!!! 3-Tatuaje P corona gorda Padilla '32 torpedo Vegas Robaina torpedo (cc) Quintero (cc) Aurora 100 Anos 3-601 reds Thank you Scott, you are...
  20. Cigar Bombs
    you mention ya never tried a MAG 50 and this shows up!!!! (no not the turntable) not just a MAG 50 but some friends as well! thanks so much HK3 for hooking a brother up, your a very generous gorilla! oh there was also a punch churchill but that went up before i could get my camera out! lol...
1-20 of 37 Results